dead miles

  1. Kurt Halfyard

    Ridehail needs to transition towards Electric Cars

    Hater's gonna hate, but this transition should be encouraged.
  2. Sacman08

    Dead miles and payouts

    Hello all! I’m a beginner to the Uber driver world. I’ve been reading up as much as I can here but I still had a couple questions and couldn’t find an appropriate answer using search. First to let you know I drive around Atlanta, and since I don’t know where I have to go with rides, I noticed I...
  3. YorkUDriver

    No pings with new Destination Feature?

    Hey all, Wondering if anyone else is getting like no pings with the new destination feature. I drive on a very part-time basis, and like to turn on the destination feature on my way home from work. Lately I've been going the whole way from North York where I work, all the way to lakeshore with...
  4. IanK

    Dying out here

    So I've been online tonight since 5pm and have had exactly one (1) ride. An otherwise busy Friday night here in Downtown Rochester, NY What's really aggravating me is looking at the rider app. There's between 7-10 other Uber's out and I can watch them drive past me in the app and I can SEE...
  5. Ray_uber

    How many dead miles makes more sense for you to drive and pick up the rider?

    Hi, great Uber drivers. I have recently been picking up riders way too far from my location, something about 8-10 miles at no surge price at the moment. I also emailed the issue to Uber and mentioned that if someone wanted to go 9 miles with Uber within 15 minutes at no traffic, It would cost...
  6. Peterson

    Depreciation, Taxes and "dead miles". Your opinion

    Here is some starting information: I located in Florida (0% state taxes) I have an office job that pay me let say 55k gross per year. I am driving uber/lyft for 30 hours/week for UberX/ regular Lyft. I am driving same car for commute/ TNC, with most mileage (2/3 - 3/4) on TNC. I am driving...
  7. tipster98122

    Squeamish about airport pickups? Tell your PAX this easy way.

    Tell PAX to hop a FREE (this word gets their attention) shuttle to hotel or Wally Park and ping us from there. All legit and no hassle to us trying to search for them at terminal.
  8. B

    Did I make a mistake?

    I picked up an UberX pax going to JFK this morning. I forgot to ask him before leaving where he was going? When I was driving, I realized that I will be going back to NJ empty. That's a lot of dead miles. The gross fare was about $90.00, $20 of which was a surcharge for tolls. I took Outerbridge...