1. Reversoul

    Charming email from travis

    My wife signed up for uber about 2 months ago but never took a fare. She got the inactive threat email and it said "uber needs you, false". It seems uber isn't even trying to hide the fact they hate us drivers anymore. Honestly, that subject header was rude and unwarranted, but I expect that...
  2. drive&survive

    Deactivated? you might be entitled to unemployment benefit.

    So here is what happened in San Deigo, CA Another blow for Youber, and I'm liking it.
  3. UberNOT4me

    For those who got deactivated!

    For those who accounts got deactivated, how many warnings did you receive prior to getting deactivated??
  4. drive&survive

    uber Is going to take your flexibility slowly

    As you all know the app now lets you accept fare before droping of your pax, and if you don't accept it, it counts against your acceptance rating and you can't go offline while on trip (no options for it), so if you decide to drop off your last pax and go home afterwards you will receive a ping...
  5. chi1cabby

    Uber is threatening to deactivate Drivers who liken TravisK to Hitler
  6. galileo5

    I received my first low acceptance rate warning.

    First a text, then an email ten minutes later.
  7. W

    Uber Pool

    So I've decided to not accept any uber pools unless its with a surge of 1.7 or higher. Does anyone in here knows if I dont accept the uber pools is there a risk of being deactivated, do we not have a say on the things we may or may not do. This uber pool is also a safety concern of mine.
  8. Jon Michael Plotter

    Deactivation notice for high cancellation rate/my reply to Uber!

    Out of the blue, this is what I received. I was concerned, but not pissed. This is the nature of the nature, and I get it... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uber Colorado is committed to...
  9. Lost In Translation

    Official from Uber: You see RED on map but passenger doesn't see surge price.

    Uber has confirmed in writing that they are micro managing surge down to the individual block or rider. That means while you may see a large red surge area from a Macro viewpoint, Uber determines that supply equals demand inside a smaller micro area (down to the block or even the individual...
  10. U

    New Driver. Got a 1. Now what?

    I'm a new driver. Just completed my 5th trip today. Yesterday I had a passenger from out of town trying to navigate from the backseat using their own GPS as if my GPS was wrong. We, in fact, were never lost as she kept assuming and made it to the destination ahead of schedule. Well, she gave me...
  11. TheBlackPrius

    I mostly drive people from bars late at night, got deactivated

    I've been driving on and off for Uber for awhile. It was great at first but the money's gone down a lot in Orange County California. My rating fell down to 4.54 and Uber deactivated my account. My gripe over this is not just that 80% of my ratings have been 5-star ratings. It's that there...
  12. Showa50

    Temp deactivated from Postmates

    Temp deactivation for requesting reassigns for parking. Simply not waiting for a order that could take up to 45min to prepare, especially since the order is not being placed ahead of time. I was reactivated the same day. However when they deactivated me I lost all my hours I had reserved.
  13. UberXking

    What do you do when you are in a surge and the factor is lower.

    Curious how drivers handle the surge manipulation . Your vote takes a minute and might lead to an interesting discussion
  14. S

    What to do if my account is deactivated?

    My account was deactivated yesterday because of 4.3 rating. I've done barely more than 100 trips in 2 months (part-timer only). In U.S. the deactivated drivers can pay $60 for a training class to restart. Is it the same in Australia? The staff in partners support center asked me to request a...
  15. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    I received this email today from UBER!

    Josh here on behalf of Uber. We were notified of a situation that may have occurred on a recent trip. We have placed a hold on your account while we collect more information and investigate this matter further. A member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible regarding the status...
  16. Showa50

    This company is hilarious...

    First I get a notice saying my account was deactivated for inactivity. Then I get this... Um yeah. You guys kinda fired me, lol. Goes to show drivers can not really be deactivated for inactivity. Those numbers Uber spouts as active drivers are BS. You the driver are nothing but a registered...
  17. chi1cabby

    Driver says Uber targeted his profile after he critiqued David Plouffe This is SlowBoat's thread about the Driver confronting David Plouffe Uber driver confronts Uber bigwig
  18. Showa50

    Inactivity warning, Uber, Los Angeles, Nov 2015

    Received via email
  19. chi1cabby

    A Clash of Conveniences: Uber’s “Deactivation” of Drivers
  20. chi1cabby

    A Thread of threads/posts on Permanent Deactivation of Drivers by Uber

    I've added an additional $468 to your payout. And btw, I've permanently deactivatedyour account..