1. Buck Turgidson

    Requests out of Surge Area, Cancellations and Deactivation

    I'm new to posting here, my first time, but not new (depending on your viewpoint) to driving. I have close to 2000 rides in a very short period. I've noticed something recently with requests coming from Uber when I drive. I'm getting more and more requests that are unreasonably (to put it...
  2. Zardoz

    Lyft putting in ratings cap to phase out older cars??

    Hey guys ! Anyone know how many 5 -star ratings it should take to raise your score a point? For the last week , my score has been like 4.84 - good but not great ! But before the holidays , it was around 4.9 to even 5 ... so there has def been a dip !! I do know it has been slower lately after...
  3. Uber Man Boston

    Starting Jan 1, 2017 UBER DEACTIVATING DRIVERS

    Starting Jan. 1, 2017, mobile ride-hailing companies like Lyft and Uber will implement what the governor's office calls "the most stringent ride-for-hire background check system of any state in the country." The agreements expedite new regulations signed in August by Gov. Charlie Baker, after...
  4. Jdemonto

    So this happened.....

    I worked extra to make up for the lack luster NYE and at 8am this happened when I decided to head home...
  5. G

    My lyft services were deactivated

    On December 30th, after completing 1944 rides while maintaining a 4.97 rating as well as being a part of LYFT's mentoring team in the Washington DC area, lyft decided to deactivate my account due to a failed background check. This occurred shortly after emailing lyft regarding a person I...
  6. Rakhruz

    Uber double accounts

    Hello, happy Christmas to everyone! !! My uber account was deactivated due to rider claim in June. Can I reapply again with new number and email ? 6 month passed since deactivation so how uber can notice me in the system if I create second account ? Has someone two uber accounts, can you share...
  7. Showa50

    Still gotta respect the Evil Empire, sometimes...

    Uber played a great hand by deactivating drivers again for cancellations. Just like last time it'll scare drivers into accepting rides and giving cheap rides. Well played. Stay offline, even in the que.
  8. Charlie Schwartz

    how long to get activated by lyft?

    in case uber deactivates me. can i just show up at lyft the next day and start driving for them immediately?
  9. RedoBeach

    Anyone Having Trouble Logging into App?

    I was logged in fine earlier today but since have been unable to log back in. The app was experiencing issues like connecting to Waze, but at least I was able to drive. I reset my password and still no luck. Online portal in the browser works just fine with both old password & new password.
  10. kdog82

    Boston minumun driver rating is 4.5- NOT 4.6!!

    I thought this was interesting.. I had been all paranoid about going below a 4.6 average rating on my driver account because I had read online that this would lead to deactivation. However on the Uber website, it states that a driver must maintain a minimum average, but this average is...
  11. Reno31

    Speeding ticket

    I just got a speeding ticket, going 71 on a 55..what are the chances that uber or lyft will be finding out about it?? Is there any chance I would get deactivated because of it? Should I pay it off and have 2 points deducted, Or fight it in court? I would appreciate any input.
  12. Traveler54

    Is this gig (Uber) worth it? Retired? Deactivation?

    I am considering a Uber partnership. I have chosen early retirement beginning October 2016. I have income limits. Once I reach the limit I will stop working in that calendar year rather than give money back to Social Security. If I drive actively for 2, 3, 4 months or more than take 2 months...
  13. D

    I need advice! Please Help!

    I've been an uber driver for a year and have done 6,000 rides. I received an email yesterday from uber saying that I had received multiple complaints that I was intoxicated while driving and the next complaint I received I would be deactivated. I have never used drugs or alcohol in my life. I...
  14. HumungousDill


    In Playstore Uber App rated 4.3 Uber Partner App rated 4.4 But Uber deactivate us if we are less than 4.6 Why don't Uber deactivate their accounts (stupid question I know). It just shows what a crock their rating system is, and how two faced they are.
  15. RedoBeach

    Have you all seen this? Wow!
  16. metal_orion

    Suspended for an accident that happened a year ago.

    Yesterday I was driving in my regular morning shift from 4:00 am to 11:00 am when I decided to log off the app and go back home, but then I remembered why not turn on the destination filter to make some more money while I get back home. So when I log back in I see some red strip on top of the...
  17. Jake2016

    Can Uber deactivate account for lower acceptance rate?

    It's my third month driving for Uber, and I found it doesn't make a lot of sense if there is no surge pricing or if you deal with low ranked riders. Hence, due to cherry-picking, my acceptance rate is at 50-60%. With incentives, it was around 70-80%. I have been receiving regular "Earn more...
  18. D

    Uber Deactivation after being assaulted by Uber employee.

    I Had been driving for Uber since the re-launch in Las Vegas in September. I had received my 1099 and there was a discrepancy in what they paid, fees, incentives, referrals ect. to me and was inflated by around $2,000. 1800 rides 4.93 rating dozens of passengers leaving compliments through the...
  19. FAC

    Uber Deactivation Policy

    I received an email today formally announcing Uber's Deactivation Policy. It also appears Uber is launching a pilot program in Seattle where the highly rated drivers review the appeals of drivers. I included the screenshot of the email I received re the pilot program The deactivation...
  20. Ziggy

    Letter from Travis (Uber) - Settlement & Deactivation Policy

    > Today we announced a settlement in two important class-action lawsuits: O’Connor(California) and Yucesoy (Massachusetts). The key issue at stake in both cases is whether drivers using the Uber app should be classified as independent...