1. Mandrake P

    Account Suspension and Investigation

    Last week during a normal morning after i dropped some off i got a message that my account needed attention. The next thing that happened was they suspended my account. It's been a week and i have no clue why it happened, who is managing this, when i will get a reply, nothing i have nothing...
  2. ntcindetroit

    What's the difference as deactivated vs. permanently deactivated with or by Lyft?

    What qualified to be permanently deactivated vs just deactivated? Is it like death sentence to be forbid to use their rider app or/and driver app? Does seeking reactivation constitute as threaten to take legal action agaist Lyft? How is this good for Lyft business to keep potential...
  3. AP92

    Uber Fires Drivers Who Only Work Surge.

    Too bad we can't relate to this it rarely ever surges in the valley :D
  4. evette402002

    If driver gets a violation and a point is issued?

    Even though Uber was notified within 3 business days of a citation issued from a traffic cop, and later a point was issued to the drivers record, will that point cause the driver to no longer be eligible to drive for Uber?
  5. Siti Crook

    2016 ACT 164 takes effect in Philly, vehicles older than 10 model years done

    2016 Act 164 (you'll need to do a search to find the link since I was unable to post the link in this message) § 57A08. Vehicle ownership and standards. (5) is not older than 10 model years, or 12 model years if the vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle, as defined in section 2 of the act...
  6. Lost In Translation

    Ride skipping = deactivation???

    As I understand the rules, I, as an independent contractor, have the right to decide who I want to pick up. I can accept the ping and immediatly cancel (just like the pax do) for any reason or no reason, as long as I am not discriminating on a basis like race, gender, ethnicity, etc. I also...