1. S

    Account deactivated

    Here is the summary of things happened 1) my account deactivated 2) visited Dallas support center they informed me file with executive level person no more information available . Suggested me to contact support via email 3) contacted support email they confirmed my account deactivated 4)...
  2. dirtylee

    PSA: Cancellation deactivations are now permanent

    In case you didn't know, uber Dallas has a new gm. Not sure for how long it been but changes are in. Cancels will now get you permanently deactivated. The office reps will say there's nothing they can do except try emailing support, i.e. you are super boned. My advice to all uber full...
  3. jayoncé_

    Serious Ratings Issues

    Am I the only one who is having an issue with the ratings system? I see multiple posts about it but I genuinely don't understand (and am a bit pissed off at this point). Somehow my rating dipped down to a 4.67 to start this week off. For some perspective, I have a total of 64 lifetime trips and...
  4. Cajundragon

    Legal Action Against Lyft

    I'm looking for help or some advice. I had a disagreement about politics with a rider and he decided to report to Lyft that "I seemed like I might be under the influence". They won't tell me who made the report so I don't know for sure. Now after a consistent 4.8 rating and over 400 rides Lyft...
  5. Sabermattric

    In the process of fixing my car for Uber - but account may get deactivated

    Hi all, I'm brand new to all of this. My signup process is almost complete but my rear bumper needs to be replaced before I can take my car in for the inspection. This will take a couple more weeks (need to save the money). I already passed the background check and all that, but I got a message...
  6. H


    PLEASE post any current, and verified information regarding FLORIDA's auto insurance situation, related to "ridesharing". As of the last 24 hours (April 28th 2016), the following auto insurance companies, for auto insurance in the state of FLORIDA, regarding "RIDESHARE" endorsement, or, related...
  7. T

    Account deactivated over a week ago, no word from Lyft

    My account got deactivated over a week ago, and I haven't heard anything from Lyft. I've reached out through their customer support 2 times & still haven't received any communication from Lyft I have no idea why my account got deactivated, all that was said was that I violated "community...
  8. Salman

    Account Disabled!

    Hi people, My partner account has been disabled due to fraudulent activity. I Use my wife's rider (real account, not fake) to giver her ride also give myself ride . she has s many free rides. so at end of the day i would request myself from her account and drive home and get paid. Now I got...
  9. S

    suspended due to background check

    i just got an email from uber that said i was suspended due to a random background check. my account still the email a fake? it looks real. also, i have 1 ticket and a fender bender in a parking lot that i was at fault. is that enough to get suspended? i am not sure if the...
  10. drive&survive

    Deactivated? you might be entitled to unemployment benefit.

    So here is what happened in San Deigo, CA Another blow for Youber, and I'm liking it.
  11. Imanuel

    Deactivated for low rating

    seriously I'm so pissed I do almost everything the passengers ask for I straight almost give them for free and still get low rating I don't get this rating at all. Says I gotta take some class in Gardena that's 2.5 hours long 60$ . So if I take that class I'm reactivated? This is really messed...
  12. Freshuberboyla

    Uber deactivated me without warning for having high trip cancellation

    I was getting ready to spend another whole day doing Uber in LA when I opened my phone to see this message "At Uber, it is common practice to examine the trip histories of partners whose driving patterns have resulted in serious complaints from riders. In very rare cases, if certain conduct is...
  13. JerseyBoy911

    Deactivated Drivers

    If you are willing, I need all the drivers on here that were deactivated by Uber for canceling too much, to contact me. If you are already deactivated there shouldn't be anything to worry about....even if they reactivated you...please still contact me. We need to make a case out of this. They...
  14. bobper

    Des Moines deactivations.

    Uber has a driver problem. They have lowered the rates so low that experienced drivers have drastically reduced their driving. We have also put limits to how far we are willing to travel for FREE to pick up a passenger. So like an immature teenager (Uber) has started to deactivate drivers who...
  15. UberNOT4me

    For those who got deactivated!

    For those who accounts got deactivated, how many warnings did you receive prior to getting deactivated??
  16. U

    Finally Unchained and deactivated !!

    After a weekend night of dealing with lowlife uberXers i got the "deactivated" email from my X Master. And here is my response to him: "Deactivated"?! Low rating?! Did the low raters explained the reason why they rated me low?! Or did uber took every low rating for granted?! Are all the uberX...
  17. B

    Deactivated by Uber Mafia

    A mate I got to know via this forum completed the Uber survey and was very critical of the treatment of Exec drivers. The whole being tested on Exec and then asked to take X jobs really wound him up. In the survey he complained and rated Uber poorly (unlike to recommend friend etc). He was...
  18. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Uber Is getting rid of it's veteran drivers to get 25% of the fare!

    I got deactivated and josh never told me when i asked him the reason.. I know its for the 25% from the new drivers. I has 1,300 riders and 7.6 ratings.Good luck to all of you.. email it what he sent me.. He even said to pack it good because if the phone is damaged I wouldnt get my money back...
  19. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    I received this email today from UBER!

    Josh here on behalf of Uber. We were notified of a situation that may have occurred on a recent trip. We have placed a hold on your account while we collect more information and investigate this matter further. A member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible regarding the status...
  20. A


    If you guys want to see it, I can upload the original document.