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deactivated with out notice

  1. Bernice Jenkins

    Lyft's Terms of Service

    We really need to start making Lyft follow their own TOS in regards to deactivations. " Lyft may terminate this Agreement or deactivate your User account immediately in the event: (1) you no longer qualify to provide Services or to operate the approved vehicle under applicable law, rule...
  2. D

    Deactivated after 2 and 1/2 years because of background check

    So I just got booted from the platform for something they saw on my background check which has been there since the first time I applied for for Lyft. I've been driving on and off for almost 3 years without any major issues and maintain a good rating. Is it worth fighting it, any chance of...
  3. mikewithebike

    Deactivated after driving as ignorant Pool Pax...

    Did a pool trip today in which Pax wanted me to stop at a convenience store so he could get cigarettes. After telling him we aren't allowed to make stops on pool trips things went south real fast. He got belligerent and recieved the same back from me before this minimum fare trip ended. I...
  4. BkS

    Account on hold

    So some rider filed a report on me and on Christmas Eve I got deactivated while they “investigate”. I was planning on working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and they really screwed me. I had no incidents with any riders. Only thing I can think of is the group of drunk pax that requested and...
  5. Maven

    How Best To Handle Deactivation

    If Uber deactivates you, they almost always send an email saying you have a chance to explain (see below). You cannot call Uber, although Uber will occasionally request a phone number and best time to call you. Check the email account that Uber uses for your monthly statements and other...
  6. Apolloyon

    Deactivated by Lyft - Not Standing Together with Me!!!

    Received account deactivated email from Lyft Critical Response team yesterday. Pax claims I offered service for cash. Which is stupid, how do you do that after using the app to connect??? Been over a day and still deactivated. Called Critical Response team and they can't help, now passed to...
  7. L

    Lyft Deactivated Vehicle Inspection

    I just got my Lyft driver account deactivated today, Saturday 10/29, the biggest night of the year. It sated I needed to get a vehicle inspection. I noticed it after my first ride today. I was at 44 rides for the week and needed just one more to get the $175 incentive (for giving 45 rides this...
  8. MrsUberJax

    Have you been asked for photo identification by the Uber App Yet?

    How often are you being asked to snap a photo before you are allowed to login to the Uber App? If this has not happened to you yet, it's coming to Jax. Drivers are now being randomly chosen, repeatedly as reported, to snap a photo of themselves to verify their identity before they are allowed...
  9. zbest1966

    Deactivated without notice - Lyte

    Got deactivated FROM LYFT!!, allegedly I had someone in the car who's not supposed to be there. This a lie I sent the reply stating the is lie and there is no respond. They did not give me the time and trip number. My rating is 4.87 I had one issue with a passenger which I 1 star then. They...
  10. FAC

    Uber Deactivation Policy

    I received an email today formally announcing Uber's Deactivation Policy. It also appears Uber is launching a pilot program in Seattle where the highly rated drivers review the appeals of drivers. I included the screenshot of the email I received re the pilot program The deactivation...
  11. T

    Account deactivated over a week ago, no word from Lyft

    My account got deactivated over a week ago, and I haven't heard anything from Lyft. I've reached out through their customer support 2 times & still haven't received any communication from Lyft I have no idea why my account got deactivated, all that was said was that I violated "community...
  12. Himanshu Tayal

    Account Deactivation just in 29 rides

    I started on Uber and my account was deactivated in 3 days and 29 rides with the reason that I do not have the required rating, though my rating at the time of deactivation was 4.57. They even stopped my weekly payment. All they want is to promote their sister concern R3Z Solutions by asking the...
  13. UberNOT4me

    For those who got deactivated!

    For those who accounts got deactivated, how many warnings did you receive prior to getting deactivated??
  14. B

    Deactivated by Uber Mafia

    A mate I got to know via this forum completed the Uber survey and was very critical of the treatment of Exec drivers. The whole being tested on Exec and then asked to take X jobs really wound him up. In the survey he complained and rated Uber poorly (unlike to recommend friend etc). He was...
  15. OGUberOB

    Anyone else get a text requesting SS# and other personal info?

    Hi I recently got a text message from "UBER" stating I need to complete this to REACTIVATE my account ?? Checkr com apply uber Fill out this form to reactivate your account. - UBER Fill out this form to reactivate your account. - UBER Anyone else get this?