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  1. ABQuber

    Help with a deactivation

    Ok, I’m desperate here I guess. On 8/12, I went to log in to Uber to work and got the message, “Your account needs attention”. So I check my email and see that Uber ran a DMV check, and I had a DMV violation for “Failure to Surrender License or Permit”. Ok, I do have a CDL. In order to have...
  2. LondonDrivr

    Account needs Attention - Uber deactivate - blocked for days or weeks - happening a lot

    HI Guys, Just to let you know. Ive been with Uber for over 2 years. Profile rating is 4.97, (7000+ rides). Always drives safely and behaves positive and professional. I was Temporarily suspended 7 weeks ago. No reason, No one was able to tell me what happened. Just suspended while im being...
  3. D

    If You get deactivated from UberEat then can You still drive for Uber to deliver passanger?

    I am so far clean but I am curious, If Uber deactivates your Ubereat account to prevent You from doing any food deliveries then can You still drive Uber to give ride to passagers.
  4. Chinacatsunflower

    Hyre car?

    Anyone have any experience with HyreCar?
  5. Chinacatsunflower


    Anyone have any experience with HyreCar?
  6. Chinacatsunflower

    Hyre car?

    Hyre car experience?
  7. Mista T

    When a pax complains

    Here is an article about what supposedly happens when a pax complains to Uber. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://amp.ft.com/content/3de6d6e8-034c-11e9-99df-6183d3002ee1&ved=2ahUKEwjC6c6X2MPfAhVorVQKHeE2DQYQiJQBMAB6BAgJEAQ&usg=AOvVaw0hOQYETnARjtfaDmRftRYh&ampcf=1
  8. C

    Uber messaged me I might have jumped the red light

    Wow so uber messaged me this morning to let me know a cheapo complained I jumped a red light. Also threatened to deactivate my account if they receive further complaints of this nature, wait what?? So they act as law enforcement agency aswell. Been driving with them as part timer for over 3...
  9. WestSydGuy

    He said, she said...

    https://www.mamamia.com.au/ride-share-complaints/ ‘After I jumped into a ride-share car, the driver said something that terrified me.’ "I wanted to find out if she was lying," he began telling me. CHELSEA MCLAUGHLIN September 14, 2018 --- Long story short, tips on how to deactivate a driver.
  10. Bernice Jenkins

    Lyft's Terms of Service

    We really need to start making Lyft follow their own TOS in regards to deactivations. " Lyft may terminate this Agreement or deactivate your User account immediately in the event: (1) you no longer qualify to provide Services or to operate the approved vehicle under applicable law, rule...
  11. Dronevangelist

    Uber just threatened me to deactivate me because I am submitting false GPS location Data Urgent Plea

    Uber just sent me a message that they will deactivate me immediately if they detect Again I am using false GPS location Data? WTF!! Then contacted support in the Philippines, and was told I need to turn over my phone for analysis immediately to the Uber Greenlight Hub. Privacy issues. I have...
  12. B

    Getting safety reports too often

    Each week, I get about 2 safety reports from passengers. Would this be a cause for a deactivation? Have you had similar experiences? Two is the maximum I have got so far for the last two months of UBER I have done. Thanks
  13. NyukNyuk

    Denial of Service complaint. Deactivated (14 hours).

    [I'm making this a separate post after telling this story on an unrelated thread.] On Saturday I drove away from 6 ethnically diverse smokers, and today 1:00 a.m. I got Deactivated for a Denial of Service complaint. This morning when I awoke I saw the message and knew immediately which request...
  14. Agent037

    All I needed was a boost, now fuber wants receipts. !?

    I had a paxhole the other day and my battery needed a boost so she notified fuber of course, and got deactivated right away. I was blindsided, wtf!? I got the boost from a fellow slave and took the paxhole to her cave, had to buy a mechanic some breakfast in exchange for a fake receipt for...
  15. I

    Poll about POOL and LINE rides

    Lots of opinions out there about how to handle POOL and LINE rides. Please answer these poll questions. Perhaps consensus will reveal some truth.
  16. BurgerTiime

    Uber deactivates dozens of drivers for cheating on LAX rides

    https://www.scpr.org/programs/take-two/2018/01/17/61240/uber-deactivates-dozens-of-drivers-in-la/ Uber said Wednesday it will deactivate some drivers' accounts here in Los Angeles as it acknowledged a couple dozen of them have been gaming the system at Los Angeles International Airport, using...
  17. L

    Flagged by Samba? & it’s been 3-4 weeks since I heard from DPU

    I live in Massachusetts & SambaSafety flagged something on my driving record, does this mean I cannot drive with lyft? Can I appeal or dispute this decision? Also My account is currently deactivated, and I’m trying to get it activated again, I’m waiting on my reports from MA RMV & MA DCJIS. I...
  18. O

    Working for uber for 3+ years and they deactivate my account

    Hi guys,My story will tell you people how much uber care about driver. I drove for uber for 3+ years in NYC. Uber deactivate my account cause some customer complain them that I took cash which I didn't. This customer call me and said to me that he left umbrella in my car. I checked and didn't...
  19. E

    Deactivation..new account??

    Hi this question is more for my brother than me. We both started doing Flex a couple months ago. About a week ago he received an email stating he was being terminated but didn't give a specific reason as to why. It just said due to violations of the contract Amazon is terminating the service...
  20. caloysk

    UberEats Delivery Ratings 95%

    Hi, iam new driver for the obereats delivery about a 1 month, i already delivered 200 foods in all eater customers, but my rating now is drop 95% do i worried about this ratings for deactivated in obereats delivery?please advice, thanks.