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  1. RickGnVa

    No more DCA sticky...

    Farewell old friend, it was fun while it lasted. I’ll never forget the quick and frequent in and out to get mine and on to the next John....
  2. RickGnVa

    DCA Metro closes Veterans Day Weekend

    Either a weekend to stay away from Reagan (me) or jump in and scoop up the coins... That arrivals pickup lane is going to be a sh1t show for those that don’t pick up at departures.... DCA Metro to be closed Friday through Monday on Veterans’ Day weekend...
  3. Kawiz03

    DCA Port A Johns

    Ok whats up with the misspelled racist graffitti in the johns at the DCA pigpen if your going to spew racist crap at least get the spelling right...just amazed at the cousin loving idiot who cant spell
  4. U


    It hasn't surged there in about 2 weeks. But there's surge around the airport and even in the Potomac! I think Uber decided to stop surging the airport once they started that construction project. It makes no sense. Construction doesn't create surge- demand does. They are operating under the...
  5. Kawiz03

    Pig Pen Potties

    I know this wont reach the target audience of Ant at the pen but damn man what kind of grown ass adult cant use the bathroom like a decent human!
  6. Kawiz03

    Why you running??

    Sitting at the DCA pigpen for a potty/smoke break when I see an ant in line for the bathroom get a ping and take off running like a dog after a ball for a ride didnt even use the bathroom like seriously dude wtf you running like 2 minutes will make a difference..stupid ants
  7. Kawiz03

    Yet again BWI lot

    Sooo it seems BWI is getting sick of the cesspool which is the Northern DMV Cricket training facility as they posted these on all the portapotty's saying stop calling us call Uber/Lyft...just inching closer and closer to getting rid of the lot and the nasty turds who make a mess of the place
  8. Kawiz03

    Dca stay away 8pm!!

    All entrances backed up on Route 1 over bridge and GW pkwy and nooooo surge not worth it let the pigs in the pen fight 20 mins just to goto downtown
  9. Kawiz03

    Lyft queue

    Whats with the queue always showing low numbers but crawling at a snails pace maybe yankdog can fill us in since you are the sage of airport pick ups oh wise one
  10. UberPotomac

    DCA Geofence

    Drop 2 pax in DCA. While leaving terminal got ping to pick pax at arrivals. What’s going on? NOT QUEUE ANYMORE?
  11. Kawiz03

    Queue Lot Overnight

    Who the hell are they waiting for if the last flight was at 1ish??
  12. Kawiz03

    Bwi sharma stand

    Wow they really freaking did it its offically a freaking sharma stand at the bwi lot its become the wild wild mideast up there since airport cops never troll around....not a bad business model got give it up to Rohit living the American Dream
  13. New2This

    Lyft Airport Pickup Problems

    I did a dropoff in Crystal City and saw that Reagan Airport on both Uber and Lyft was surging. Get into the lot turn both apps on. Uber the little pin had said there were 7 cars, queue says 15. Shocked at Uber lies. Lyft I got a message on the app telling me to go to the airport and I'll get a...
  14. G

    Queue problem at National

    I have tried to get trips three times at National with a fail each time. Uber support has been nonexistent: Attempt 1 - First Queue loaded telling me I had 10-0 minutes. Since the lot was pretty full I knew this would be incorrect. I was then disconnected from the queue and, when reconnected...
  15. S

    DCA/IAD Pickups

    Can someone either tell me or direct me to the rules for picking up PAX at either DCA and/or Dulles? Thanks!
  16. T

    2016 Airport Rules Recap for Washington D.C. Area

    What are the latest rules here in 2016 for our airports? 1. BOTH AIRPORTS: What parts of the airport are you allowed to drive on? I mean: when a pax wants to be picked up or dropped off, where are you allowed to do that? Are some levels prohibited? And are you allowed/required in the...