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  1. Liwaroman

    Uber rates in Pittsburgh

    When I looked online before driving in Pittsburgh all the websites said the base rate was $1.30 and the minimum fare was $5.00. Yesterday was my first day driving in. Pittsburgh and I found out the real base rate is $1.04 and the minimum was $4.40. Does anyone know any reliable website I can...
  2. chi1cabby

    Fare Adjustment for Unmatched UberPool Rides in Chicago, Miami & D.C.

    UberPool Rates in Chicago, Miami & D.C. are lower than UberX Rates. Unmatched UberPool rides are supposed to be paid at UberX Rates. But Uber has been paying Unmatched UberPool rides at the lower UberPool Rates. So please check your Unmatched UberPool Fares and ask for Fare Adjustment to UberX...