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    Criminal record, Uber, DBS check - advice needed

    Hi guys, So I'm thinking of signing up with Uber as they're onboarding in my area however I'm not sure if my criminal record will get in the way and I thought there might be a few savvy heads on here that could advise... any advice appreciated. Basically I'm wondering what my chances are of...
  2. S

    Who to Blame For Wrong CRB done by Uber

    I have received an email from TFL London saying to reapply for CRB from so called authorised provider GB group. I applied it through uber London with there ignition programme and was guided and forms were filled from uber team on some onfido thing for the crb / DBS I have few things in mind...
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    Is anyone waiting for the DBS check to come back? If do when did you submit your application and how many days has it been on stage 4?