1. Arete2

    Uber Eats: Dayton restaurants & Uber need to get their act together

    Venting some, but. I've had four places in the last month and a half be unavailable for delivery. Twice the place was closed (how did the order get placed?) and twice their systems were down; I assume the orders had been placed but they couldn't see them. Two of those instances were different...
  2. YellowAntennaBall

    Cincinnati pickups for Dayton based drivers, Not?

    Let me start by saying that I've been a registered Uber driver since 2014 and am Dayton based. Started in Dayton and then in Cincinnati. Later doing pickups in both cities under a single account. I haven't been driving much in 2018 and up until last night it was just in Dayton metro. I'm well...
  3. UberLeeLeeLee

    Amazon Flex?

    So I signed up for Amazon Flex in Dayton but haven't seen any offers after clicking a bunch. I suspect that the warehouse is not officially opened yet. Has anyone else signed up for Flex in Dayton and, if so, have you gotten any offers? Two questions: 1) Is Flex live in Dayton, Ohio and 2) Out...
  4. danielle3329

    What are the CURRENT rates in Dayton?

    I can see these rates were good for Dayton in March 2016...... Does anyone know if these are the current rates as of November 14th, 2016 as well? THANK YOU!! March 2016 RATES uberX Base Fare $1.00 Per Mile $0.85 Per Minute $0.18 Minimum Fare $4.00 Safe Rides Fee $1.85
  5. S


    Hello everyone. Great news for Dayton, OH uber drivers. LYFT is about to launch in Dayton very soon. Dayton is now listed as a city on there site, rates are out, and the coverage map is set. Message me for my referral code to sign up. I have been driving Lyft in Cincinnati for a while now...
  6. Musical Insurance Guy

    Ride share insurance in Dayton, Ohio

    Hello Ohio ride share drivers. Many have asked what insurance companies have the special ride share insurance coverage option. The link below gives a listing of all of the companies they have in various states. As you can see...
  7. William Baird

    Insurance Partnership

    Farmers Insurance just started an exclusive deal with Uber to help make sure all drivers have the coverage they need and want. Farmers is able to provide full coverage (increased liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage) during period 1, during the time Uber has only limited liability...