day off

  1. Iamfoodgod

    Boosts gone after time off.

    So yeah I had to take a week off because I saw my tires and they were atrocious, did not look safe to drive in. Tires supposed to take 2 days to get here, took 9 instead. I log on everyday to make sure everything is ok. Log on today and my boosts are gone :( Anyone experience the same after...
  2. HotUberMess


    Guy parked next to me at the restaurant I ate at tonight drove into my rear passenger door and crumpled it right in. Hit and run of course. Now I’m waiting on the manager to see if there was a working camera pointed at my spot to see who did it. If I remember correctly there was a truck...
  3. Speedyracer

    Star wars geeks

    Well I'm not a dress up and go fanatic but star wars has been in my blood many years now. I took Tuesday off and went to see Rogue One yesterday. It's definitely worth the time if you're into it. Don't want to be a spoiler by giving details of any scenes. The plot remains true and was a good...
  4. RedoBeach

    Uber Driver Gone Postal on 101S

    This guy had seriously lost his mind today and looked like he was ready to break anyone who came in his Uber driving way. I saw him raging behind me when we sat on the slow entrance to the 101S. Once we merged from the ramp he swerved in and out of traffic growling & screaming & flipping the...