1. SadUber

    Bumble, any good?

    I've had no luck at PlentyofFish. A pax recently told me I should try out Bumble. Is it Good? Will I meet women?
  2. H

    Have you ever made a pax friend?

    I had a rider who did Uber for a year before it blew all the way up. He said he made friends that he still keeps in touch with. The guy was about 49 and handsome as heck. We had a good talk with another pool passenger. I was still surprised he developed such intimate relationships with so many...
  3. SteamFlyer82

    Uber Dating: Single Guy Own's a Car & Has a Stable Job.

    Dating Another Uber Driver, Oh May! I'm a single 33 year old male. I have a full-time job that allows me to work from home as an IT specialist and I habitually enjoy taking my car out after work and earning extra money by allowing strangers to direct me to their desired location for a minimal...
  4. SweetAmy

    Female drivers and paXXX

    I have had several pax make a pass at me and one even asked if I wanted to fool around in the parking lot of the strip club I just took him to. Also, friend of mine, who is a female driver, has actually gone on a date with one of her pax. We were sitting around drinking and laughing about it and...