1. Ibbzi

    Cabin dashcams legal in SA or not?

    Hi I went for the inspection of my car and i have dashcam fitted in my car for personal use that was still in there when i went for inspection. They told me to remove it as its not legal. Whereas what i have heard is that there is jo legislation surrounding them in SA and if we have some sort...
  2. BurgerTiime

    New dashcams revealed at CES 2019

  3. MikeNY

    3 important features you need in a Dash Cam: Dual Camera with WiFi & GPS

    Three features you must have in a Dash Cam before considering buying one. (1) Dual Dash Cam is front & Inside of the vehicle. (2) WiFi will automatically download videos to your phone via an app from the manufacturer. (3) GPS logs your speed date and time, which can help in case you end up...
  4. IDriveGNV

    Dashcam / security camera experiences

    Yesterday I picked up four girls near the University. As usual, I made the required announcement of the security camera and then got consent from the riders to be recorded. They asked about the earbud I was using, and I explained I use only one as required by law. As we got underway, I answered...
  5. Safe_Driver_4_U

    The reality of dash cams, rethinking the cams.

    I will be installing a dascam , been thinking about how the real world works. If I was a drunk or crazy nutcase and realized I had just been videoed doing criminal evil, I would grab the cam and run off with it. This reality would make the much acclaimed Falcom 360 useless as it is vulnerable to...
  6. Maven

    Dash Cam Basics

    What are the benefits? Is it allowed? Is it worth the cost? What features are important? These are a just few of the questions that you may ask before deciding to get a dash cam. There has been a lot of discussion in the forum about the best dash cam, but not so much the steps leading up to the...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver snaps after taking crap from spoiled brat

    https://boingboing.net/2017/03/13/uber-driver-snaps-after-taking.html an Uber driver is about to leave when two young women slide into his back seat. One of them immediately gets on his case. "You weren't at our location, Jesus Christ," she says.In reality, he was across the street because...
  8. Maven

    Best Budget Dashcam

    A dashcam is a GREAT idea to protect yourself in a variety of situations including hassles from both riders and cops. Some of us would like the benefits of a dashcam, but cannot afford the top-of-the-line models, discussed at...
  9. New2This

    Dashcams in DC/MD/VA

    I'm at a little over a week ubering. I've been thinking about getting a dashcam, but had some hesitancy after seeing this story: http://laist.com/2016/01/15/taco_bell_exec_suing_uber_driver.php The dashcam saved the driver, but also got him sued. Since I am driving in DC, MD & VA I figured I...
  10. vegassophie

    Dashcams that won't melt

    Looking for dashcam recommendations that will handle the Las Vegas desert heat, in the entry level price range. Ideas?
  11. bgftp29

    Will - Yorba Linda, California

    I'm new to Uber less than 20 trips under my belt. Already had one Angry divorcing dad with his two kids who cracked open a flask of Vodka & started drinking. (We were 100 Feet from his drop off point) Question to more experienced drivers: Under aged passagers? Read under law that all Uber...