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  1. Mista T

    Do you need a dashcam?

    Do I really need a dashcam? Recently I acquired a new dashcam. I won’t complain about my old dashcam. I will simply say that having the proper features in a dashcam is Uber important. Yes, that was a play on words. As an older person in society, I have heard some really stupid stuff in my...
  2. B

    The best thing that could have happened

    The one time I try to put in a day shift, a minnesota decides to smooch my prius. The idea that day driving is safer is bullshit. Sober day drivers aren't that much better than night time drunk drivers, but there are so many more of them trying to give you a bad day. I handle the crash, call...
  3. S

    Anker Dashcam Duo Finally

    I just ordered one of these, haven't gotten it yet, but thought I'd let you all know about the sale now. Anker finally released a dual camera for us drivers. It basically is a knock off of the vantrue N2pro dual, but cheaper...
  4. LyftUberFuwabolewa

    Dashcam complaint. To reply or not to reply?

    So yesterday I have a rider who asked me about my dash cam. He said "you have a camera?" with a tone like he thought he was catching me doing something or I would be ashamed or apologetic. With pride and confidence I said "yes sir, two of them". This rider was very astute for noticing the...
  5. ZenUber

    Caught a pax on dashcam

    Caught her rummaging through my center console, then take a bottle of water and pour it on my seat when I was out of the car. She didn't know she was on dashcam. It was a similar case to one I posted last week. Pax waited till we were close to the destination, and then wanted to go somewhere...
  6. ZenUber

    Talking to myself behind the wheel

    In between pax I find that I'm talking to myself. Playing over the strange interactions with pax in my mind. Or many times cursing at other cars for doing stupid stuff on the road. And then, I realize I'm on the dashcam. If I ever have to turn in the video to the police, I'll be sitting there...
  7. IDriveGNV

    I don't want to be on camera!

    After reflecting on my worst pax to date, the vast majority of them announced themselves to be problem pax at the beginning by showing a reluctance to be surveilled by my security dashcam. I'm considering declining to begin the trip when this occurs. I believe I'm within my rights to do so...
  8. B

    Anyone successfully appeal "unsafe incidents" deactivation

    I got my second report that a passenger was "uncomfortable with my driving speed", and am now deactivated for having "multiple reports of unsafe incidents". According to the message, "our decision is final". I offered to show them the dashcam footage when I got the first report a few months ago...
  9. MikeNY

    Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam on sale $149

    Vantrue N2 Uber Dual Dash Cam-1080P Inside and Outside Dash Camera for Cars 1.5" Near 360° Wide Angle Lyft Dashboard Cam w/ Parking Mode, Motion Detection, Front Camera Night Vision Effects https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073WQ7K6C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_MGDuCbVPPQ0EM
  10. DollarFree

    License Plate or Not

    What’d you reckon for your dashcam, set it up to include your license plate number on the video, or not?
  11. M

    Crazy driver nearly causes an Accident

    This just wasn't my day. Tampa does have some horrible drivers.
  12. M

    Hospital tries to get rid of patient by calling Uber

    Unbelievable that a health care facility would call for a rideshare in an attempt to get rid of a patient they don't want. Isn't this illegal?
  13. MikeNY

    3 important features you need in a Dash Cam: Dual Camera with WiFi & GPS

    Three features you must have in a Dash Cam before considering buying one. (1) Dual Dash Cam is front & Inside of the vehicle. (2) WiFi will automatically download videos to your phone via an app from the manufacturer. (3) GPS logs your speed date and time, which can help in case you end up...
  14. Grillmasterp

    Dashcam file retention question

    Just bought Vantrue N2 pro; it exceeds all my expectations. Question: other than significant events, what are your file retention practices? In an abundance of caution I have the space to save all, but that seems unnecessary. Letting it overwrite as needed is attractive, so long as I...
  15. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Posting Private Dashcam Conversations Needs To Stop.

    So, I'm watching this latest 'leaked' dashcam video... Senators players filmed ripping coaches during Uber ride https://nypost.com/2018/11/06/senators-players-caught-on-tape-ripping-team-coaches/ And while it's kind of funny, it's got to stop! The NY Post is playing coy: "It is unknown who...
  16. GGDaddy


    (sorry for the all-caps title, but yes I am yelling from the rooftops ;) ) Last night, had a passenger ask me to stop at Taco Bell on her way home. This was an automatic 'no' because: She was a sloppy person and would have dropped bag drippings all over the seat of my car It was surging $11...
  17. estore009

    Could you mind to tell me which prototype you like?

    Hello Uber People, Could you tell me which prototype you like? Both modules come with 2ch lens and should be ideal for Uber drivers! Best regards, Bob
  18. BurgerTiime

    Entitled passenger tells driver “don’t be racist” w/open container

    He didn’t nothing wrong to deserve this treatment.
  19. DollarFree

    Dashcam question - no, not that one.

    Do u leave yours in the car when u stop places? eg you stop at walmart, for the classy experience of course, do u leave your $200 VanTrue sitting there on the windshield?
  20. SuzeCB

    Dash and Other Cams in Pt. Pleasant

    Lightning1181 , you like to call the Monmouth Sheriff's Dept. "Gestapo"... Apparently Point Pleasant is taking things to a whole new level, clearly in violation of rulings already made by SCOTIA! The municipal code is 5-20, pay special attention to 5-20.3 if you look it up. Here it is in action.