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dashcam recording

  1. warrior lady

    New Late-Night Driving Rules after Recent Indecent Exposure Pax Ride

    (DOES NOT INCLUDE AVOID PICKING UP LATE NIGHT) Drunk Single Male Pax DOES NOT RIDE in FRONT SEAT.-(I drive mini-van). I go by this rule usually but when drunk male pax asked, I allowed him to move to the front the first time...The 2nd time he just climbed on over. WILL PULL OVER ANYTIME PAX...
  2. Maven

    Dash Cam Basics

    What are the benefits? Is it allowed? Is it worth the cost? What features are important? These are a just few of the questions that you may ask before deciding to get a dash cam. There has been a lot of discussion in the forum about the best dash cam, but not so much the steps leading up to the...
  3. qiaoxiaopang

    Idiot PAX exits out the vehicle in downtown

    Let me start by saying I'll highly reconsider taking a pool back from Rosemont or any far place thinking there will be no problems. Got a STOOL PAX ping that was headed to downtown after setting DF to downtown. I'm thinking I don't want to eat the miles so I'll give it a try. Got a young female...
  4. SuperMike

    Dashcam usage / lawfulness

    Hi folks. I had a few riders this week comment if I was recording them (no). So I ask if anyone in AB has a dashcam (single or dual) with signs or not (if required or not). Or if some one has a link to the laws regarding this? If no one knows I will goto my local cop shop and ask, then...
  5. Klockwork

    Dash Cam

    Adding a 2 way dash cam to my car on Saturday. Do I need to disclose to Pax that I am recording? I think most will know it's obvious.
  6. Driver Zero

    Near misses and idiot drivers *VIDEO*

    Just sample of what goes on out there. Decided not to drive tonight as I'd used up my luck for the day. Best viewed in 720p or more.
  7. D

    Legality of dashcam recordings

    The fact that the Taco Bell ex-executive Benjamin Golden who assaulted the Uber driver is now suing the driver for recording video inside the car got me thinking. Can we record in Washington state and secondly, if so can we share it? What I believe I'm really looking for is any laws about...