1. tsmit44

    How well are you doing?

    The past couple months I've tried out all the different food delivery companies in my city. (Baton Rouge) I just thought I'd share the results so far. What's yours looking like? Per delivery including tips DoorDash - $8.90 GrubHub - $9.50 Postmates - $9.44 UberEats - $7.71 Waitr (local) -...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Dentist threatens driver if he didn’t hand over his dashcam

    https://patch.com/georgia/woodstock/woodstock-dentist-threatened-uber-driver-over-camera-cops?utm_source=amp&utm_campaign=amp&utm_medium=mobile WOODSTOCK, GA — Charges are pending against a Woodstock dentist accused of threatening an Uber driver over the camera he had mounted inside his...
  3. MikeNY

    3 important features you need in a Dash Cam: Dual Camera with WiFi & GPS

    Three features you must have in a Dash Cam before considering buying one. (1) Dual Dash Cam is front & Inside of the vehicle. (2) WiFi will automatically download videos to your phone via an app from the manufacturer. (3) GPS logs your speed date and time, which can help in case you end up...
  4. S

    Cobra Dual Dash Cam on sale at Costco Nov. 16-26

    I know it doesn't have the best reviews, but I figured someone might be looking for a cheap one. This Cobra camera package w/ 32gb memory card included(amazon doesn't include the 32gb memory card) will be $60 on sale so marked down to $129.99 @ Costco and online Nov.16-26 Not sure what the...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Lyft’s dash signs illegal, despite many drivers’ assumptions

    http://www.sungazette.com/news/top-news/2018/05/lyfts-dash-signs-illegal-despite-many-drivers-assumptions/ Lighted signs are a tool of the trade for those who provide on-demand transportation, but local Lyft drivers report they were never warned they are illegal in Pennsylvania. Lyft, an...
  6. Safe_Driver_4_U

    The reality of dash cams, rethinking the cams.

    I will be installing a dascam , been thinking about how the real world works. If I was a drunk or crazy nutcase and realized I had just been videoed doing criminal evil, I would grab the cam and run off with it. This reality would make the much acclaimed Falcom 360 useless as it is vulnerable to...
  7. Fargle

    Center mirror replacement dashcams

    The Falcon F360 seems like a favorite dash cam, but it wouldn't work for me. My car came with a rearview mirror that automatically dims, has a compass, and three buttons for opening gates and garage doors. Is there a center mirror replacement that has all that? Or maybe is there a dash cam...
  8. E


    Can't find it anywhere... Are the Uber/Lyft decals required by law? I have mine in my windows at all times, but I haven't been able to find if it's actually required. Thanks!
  9. enntoxx

    Lyft Amp Dash Mount Damage?

    Before I Guinea Pig my vehicle's leather dash, I'm wondering how the dash mount is treating your dash boards? Like many dash board cell phone mounts via adhesive, I'm curious if the same is or can be expected from the Amp's adhesive mount. The Amp is much heavier than the Glowstache. I'd...
  10. Grahamcracker

    Recommendations for a dash cam

    I bought a Garmin Dash Cam 10. I paid about $100 for it. It worked great for about 2 weeks. Then it started to freeze up about 15 minutes into the trips. So, I had it exchanged for another one per Garmin warrenty policy and the new one started to freeze up after about 2 weeks. So, I was...