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dash camera

  1. Cabbie2B

    Dash Camera....review

    Just came across an interesting clip on YT and wanna share it coz it’s I think very helpful. Also YT channel owner has it’s own web site where you can see different dash cam clips and compare them. Hope this helps. :-) http://www.techmoan.com/guide-to-dashcams/ And for those who’d like to...
  2. Annika123

    Have you ever seen such a dual lens dash cam?

    I worked part-time as an Uber driver last year, the income is still good, but more tired. And often come across some unexpected things that happen, such as unreasonable guests, let my part-time job get worse. One day, I saw a dual lens dash cam by chance on the Internet, It's like this, as shown...
  3. R.M.Ahmad

    Car tracker, Dash Camera and night vision camera

    Request advice about Car tracker, Dash Camera and night vision camera to fit to my car. Regards
  4. SoiCowboy

    Falcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash Cam

    I have been using this dash cam (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E56WY18/?tag=ubne0c-20 I'm not real happy with the amount of illumination of the rear seat area. Is there a way to use additional well-positioned IR LEDs that run off of 12VDC to provide additional illumination? Any...
  5. Fireguy50

    LED mood Lighting

    Here is the Red LED lighting I've added to the back of the vehicle. You can get any color, and color changing, even IR, but I prefer red because it's best for night vision. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerating_dark_adaptation_in_humans#Red_Lights_and_Lenses Behind the sunroof the head...
  6. cybercli

    Dual dash cam with mic - rider response

    Poll - I just bought a dash cam and was wondering what kinds of responses riders are giving if any.
  7. FAC

    GPS dash cam

    I'm finally giving in and getting a dash cam. If for no other reason to get Fireguy50 off my back. On a limited budget. So my question is this, is having GPS dash cam important feature?
  8. DashCamBros

    Do you Dash Cam?

    Hello UberPeople Forum, To all of the forum members, please allow me to make a brief introduction. My name is Kenton, and I am the co-founder of DashCam Bros, an online retailer of reliable and high quality dash cameras, located in the United States. Our main goals are to provide drivers like...
  9. Driver72

    Thinking about getting a dashcam

    What do riders think about video cameras set up to record the inside of the car? Would I need to tell riders audio/video is being recorded? In the case of violent actions (such as the guy who assaulted an Uber driver) could I turn it on regardless? Any other details I want/need to know?