dash cam laws

  1. T

    TFL is so outdated

    WoW Boyz/Sisters just came back from TFL inspection , and guess my inspection failed .....why ? cuz I have latest model dash camera fitted in my car a Blackvue DR900s. Was told that the camera is not on the TLF approved dash camera list. But some of the links I found on the TFL's pdf approved...
  2. S

    Legal Requirement for Dash Cam

    Hello, I am Sean and I am new to Uber and UberPeople.Net. I am installing a dash cam in my uber car and I wonder if I should put up a sign that says there is a security camera. I have been told the sign may not be necessary since Arkansas is a one party consent state. Yours inputs are greatly...
  3. Tao4mind

    Dash Cameras

    Uber uses dash cameras as a deterrent to criminal activity but corporations contracted transportation "competitors" use them to monitor drivers for disciplinary actions. Some corporations use these camera surveillances of drivers to interfere with a workers right to improve working conditions...
  4. Maven

    Dash Cam in Connecticut

    Thinking about using a Dash Cam to protect yourself from wacco PAX? Start by looking at https://uberpeople.net/threads/dash-cam-basics.157488/ There's a lot of discussion about which dash cam is best in https://uberpeople.net/forums/Technology/ Do you currently use a dash cam in Connecticut...
  5. SuperMike

    Dashcam usage / lawfulness

    Hi folks. I had a few riders this week comment if I was recording them (no). So I ask if anyone in AB has a dashcam (single or dual) with signs or not (if required or not). Or if some one has a link to the laws regarding this? If no one knows I will goto my local cop shop and ask, then...
  6. Dustinbowlz

    Dash cam laws?

    Hey guys, so I just got signed up with Uber, and I'm looking in to getting a dash cam- one for the road and one for the interior of my car, for my protection. I am curious if anyone knows the laws here in oregon on whether or not I need my passengers to agree to being recorded? Also, I haven't...