1. N

    DEACTIVATED Uber ride share drivers

    Deactivated Uber ride share drivers are now targeting other Uber ride share drivers. Their deactivation are permanent. These deactivated Uber drivers are now driving for Ola or doing just UberEats. Ola's app, internal controls and systems are extremely weak. The permanently deactivated Uber...
  2. 2CV750CC

    bad out there be careful - San Fernando road closed in Sun Valley

    8654 N SAN FERNANDO RD; https://goo.gl/maps/oQKgfcohcL32; #SunValley; 10 vehicles stuck. Over a dozen firefighters from various apparatus quickly converged and rescued at least 8 people trapped by swift moving water. No one required hospital transport. San Fernando Rd x Tuxford St is impassable...
  3. DriveMeNot

    Uber Pool auto accept is dangerous

    The new feature in the app that will auto accept more pool requests is dangerous. I noticed that there is a big issue with navigation that can potentially cause the driver to get into an accident. The problem is with the new update to the app that should auto update your navigate system with...
  4. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Sydney driver chopped up and put in a fridge

    Hi guys, I want to share this documentary with you. It's about a Sydney driver who was brutally murdered by his passenger in the late 90's. It serves as a reminder to remain careful with who you pick up at all times. Don't become complacent. Uber do not screen passengers and they will not help...
  5. HHTJ

    REASONS why im pretty much done!

    2 main reasons: Summary: In order of importance 1. Drunk people (spontaneous, unpredictable) 2. App keeps crashing while enroute, or during route, or after drop off. (need to reboot phone constantly or i started using 2nd phone for gps) 3. Drugs or contraband in my own vehicle planted or...
  6. Ubersupergirl

    Atlanta Uber driver Picks up shooting suspects

    I just saw this today and its kind of crazy. This uber driver picks up 3 guys, starts the ride with no drop off address, they just had him driving around. He knew something wasn't right almost immediately, and called 911 but pretended to be talking to a friend. Eventually they sent the cops to...