damaged seats

  1. Ping.Me.More

    If you get this PAX, do NOT send a photo to Uber for $250 reimbursement,

    or you will be charged with transmission of porn. ("Putting The X In UberX") http://thesmokinggun.com/buster/indecent-exposure/the-sharing-economy-375902#fbcomments
  2. Heathen

    Dog hair and scratches in leather seats not covered by Uber.

    It saddens me to report this: Yesterday I picked up a lady and her full grown Husky dog. They were in my car for about 40 minutes slowly moving on the interstate at 5 pm. Her dog jumped all over my backseats and did not sit quietly even though she promised me the dog would just sit still and...
  3. Fireguy50

    My worst Uber vomit cleaning (gross) with video

    $150 isn't enough for this, I'll be getting quotes for it running under the seat and a professional cleaning!
  4. Libertyfare

    Hidden cameras in Uber car?

    When I have back to back pax don't even complete one trip before I am off to the next. When am I suppose to have time to check out the seats for stuff left behind and damages these idiots do to my vehicle? I know NC is single party consent state but even if I had video of someone cutting a...