1. Ian Richard Markham

    Dumb video

  2. MHR


    Is everyone accounted for after the storms?
  3. OregonPioneer

    Couldn't Go Online in Downtown Dallas

    I'm a new Uber driver. Sunday afternoon I drove a couple to downtown Dallas. I clicked offline for a few minutes to find a bathroom. When I tried to go back online it would kick me offline immediately. I clicked it several times but couldn't stay online. It said something like needing to update...
  4. B

    Uber Eats: Anyone Delivering by BIKE in Dallas or Fort Worth?

    I'm Austin-based considering spending most of March in Dallas, possibly delivering by bike for Uber Eats. I currently do bike food deliveries in Austin for Favor. (Favor doesn't allow bike deliveries in Dallas.) Anyone delivering by BIKE in Dallas for Uber Eats? Wondering what it's like doing...
  5. C

    (DFW-Eats) Comparing Boost/Quest

    So I've been driving for Eats only since about September (2018). Through December, I was getting pretty good Boosts and Quests, but now it's horrible. I've heard that maybe new drivers get better stuff, so I'm curious if January is just a dead time and it will pick back up again, or if I...
  6. D

    Alto startup in Dallas only

    Was solicited last night in the KDAL queue lot by a guy driving an ALTO vehicle to come drive for them. Offering verbally sufficiently long enough hours per week as an employee, driving their car for flat rate $18/hr including health care. Admitting they are a startup, seem maybe a less than...
  7. ftupelo

    UBER Algorithm Enhancements

    Howdy all you Formicidaes! On this episode of Frank talk with Frank Tupelo, I’d like to discuss suggestions for improving the UBER algorithm to better service our pax and to better incentivize desirable behaviors out of us Solenopsis invicta. I posit that UBER should rank each Solenopsis...
  8. Candise

    Increase volume on new app

    is there a way to increase the volume for navigation on the be Uber app?
  9. P

    Will uber screw you over with toll roads?

    I'm moving from Phoenix to Dallas, and in Dallas I've noticed there are a lot of toll roads. We don't have those here in Phoenix, and I want to make sure I don't get screwed by Uber with toll roads. 1. How often do riders want to take toll roads? 2. How much do you spend on toll roads per...
  10. M

    Stolen Vehicle: 2017 Black Chevy Tahoe

    2017 Chevy Tahoe LT Midnight Edition (Blacked Out) Plate: AL-JFD559 (silver "Princess" tag frame), NO front tags. No drivers side window. Last Seen Sunday Night in Dallas area. If you see it, please call Dallas Police immediately! Thank you!
  11. rdhall3637

    UberBlack, UberBlack SUV Details - DALLAS

    Although my vehicle is eligible for UberBlack and UberBlackSUV, I've just been driving under XL and Select for the past 7 months getting to know the ropes. I do however drive for Lyft Lux and LuxSUV and have been getting some ride requests for these platforms (3-6 per week). My question is, I...
  12. Joseph Solomon

    New to Dallas - How do you guys deal with some people?

    Hey guys, I relocated from NYC just a few days ago and already had to deal with drunk passengers three times... I feel like the people here use uber just to get back home from drinking nights and not to move around in the city like they did in nyc... It makes sense in a way but I how do you guys...
  13. LAboy

    UberEATS and Postmate on BiCYCLE

  14. F

    Stolen car

    Hey everyone, my car was stolen on Friday 2/2/2018. I was trying to find a way to get more eyes on the road for the car and I thought about how many uber drivers there are in Dallas. I'm asking if some of you guys can help me locate my car. I am willing to give a 100$ reward to anyone that...
  15. LAboy

    UberEATS costumers GAME the system

    So people are cheap asf, not only they don't tip, they cheat us and the system. i hate delivering in Ktown and DTLA, people are poor and lazy. if you cant afford UberEATS go eat macdonadls. what some people do, they order with UberEATS and they put a very close location to the restaurant...
  16. Jen1313

    Delivering to Uber Office

    Delivered a large amount of food to Uber office Only got $3 and change, and they couldn't be bothered to tip...Is it just me or is that shity?
  17. N

    Uber Manipulated my route. Beware. This is fraud at its best.

    I took a ride from love field AP to DFW AP. As usual, I take 35 to 635. I check the fare details and uber subtracted a mile and graphed that I took a different route. The adjusted route only cost me a dollar less, but this is plain illegal. They could at least graphed that I took actual roads...
  18. financeguy13

    Bicyclist Says He Was Hit By Uninsured Lyft Driver

    https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Bicyclist-Says-He-Was-Hit-By-Uninsured-Lyft-Driver-460723653.html She was eager to leave to go pick up her Lyft rider... way to go Miss Lyft Driver. That wouldn't work if it were me she hit. Cancel your trip and stay here until I am finished with you...
  19. ech

    Rates and Fares for Dallas Drivers

    Are the rates below the same rates every uberX driver has in the Dallas area? I've seen online others say theirs are higher. I've asked uber support, but they wont give me a straight answer, just a copy/pasted sounding response. Base Fare: $0.80 Per Mile: $0.73 Per Minute: $0.08 Per Minute...
  20. B

    Dallas round trip. Cash; 8am pickup

    Need a ride from Austin area to North Dallas area in the morning. Cash$325 pick up Tuesday morning at 8am 801 Amber Oaks, Burnet, Tx Dropoff 6680 I-30 Frontage Road Royce City, TX I've already ran it thru uber for cost. $324.99 Great past customer. I'm out of town. Billy 972.207.0017. I have...