dallas fort worth

  1. Renna

    Lyft Express Drive Program

    Hi All, I’m trying to decide to rent a car w/ Lyft through their express drive program which requires a $250 rental deposit up front, then costs $200 per week for the rental. They do lower that weekly price if you hit a certain number of rides per week. Another plus is that they deduct the...
  2. mattman1310

    rookie here to uber/lyft - be gentle

    Intro - 2014 Nissan Maxima - black on black leather - Dallas Fort Worth - ROOKIE - just trying to learn the system to make some extra money - just doing the burbs right now to get my feet wet - any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  3. #1 UBER Slave

    UBERSelect STRIKE in Dallas!!!

    It's time for UBERSelect drivers to refuse to take UBERXpassengers. We didn't buy our expensive cars, to take cheap fares. UBERBLACK had a strike in Dallas and won! We need to do the same, so all we get is SELECT fares. There aren't enough UBERX drivers in Dallas, that's why UBERSelect...
  4. #1 UBER Slave


    Sooo, I created a SQUARE account and received 2 card readers (I requested 2 because they wear out fast). Now I tell customers right before the ride ends, "There's been some confusion, so I just wanted to let you know that we now have a way to tip your driver, if you want!". If they say...
  5. JosephW

    Dallas Ft. Worth Airport - Airlines Terminal Guide

    With so many lower level terminal ramps and entrances closed for remodel & the expressway Airline Exit signs having almost all of the Airlines removed or barriers and rerouting underground, I found it difficult to locate drop points for two back to back DFW Airport ride share drop offs. Here is...