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  1. WestSydGuy

    DiDi Chux price drop in Melb

    with DiDi dropping commission to 5% in Melbourne to make drivers smile, but with lower fares too, are we expecting any promo in Sydney from uber or Ola with lower commissions? I know I’d prefer any pings from a rideshare company that had 5% commission rather than 27.5%...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber’s new rates have drivers crying foul

    https://amp.businessinsider.com/new-uber-pay-rates-hurt-earnings-drivers-say-2018-12 A new Uber pay structure that prioritizes time over distance as they pertain to driver earnings has some drivers frustrated with the company. Last week, the ride-hailing giant shifted the payout rates for...
  3. E

    What is Ubers cut? I thought it was 25%

    I thought Ubers cut was only 25%? I got curious tonight and looked up a bar that I'll be going to on Saturday and saw the time and distance away. 15 minutes 11 miles. So I know I'd make: $1.31 base $9.08 for miles at $0.825 a mile $1.80 for Time at $0.12 a minute So $12.19 I assumed would be...
  4. Showa50

    A new means for group communication.. Kind of strike

    To help facilitate a 'go offline' period, I've set up a text group to help communications. Text TNCDGLA to 88202 Just like the Surge Pricing number this is managed my me, however using Google voice had some serious limits when sending mass text. So an upgrade was needed.
  5. cleansafepolite

    You can call or find anyone at Uber to disscuss the severe rate cuts in Detroit.

    There are many ways to go about this, and I know somebody there in detroit would just love to talk to the persons responsable for your harsh rate cut. Personally i have been searching for a while as I would like to personally meet some of them. NOW YOU CAN...