cut uber rates

  1. LAOL

    I genuinely, sincerely, don’t understand

    Uber cuts pay in several cities and no mention of it on social media or the news? Uber cuts pay to the point that drivers are making 2-cents per mile, and there is no surge (aka drivers still give rides)? I truly do not understand how both of these things are happening...
  2. Russ Reed

    Let's talk earning boosts and Uber's Cut

    Hey lads and lassies. I miss the incentives over the earnings boosts. You can capatilize at bit more. With that said: I notices that with your earning boosts and Uber's cut, it ACTUALLY wipes OUT your earnings, is my math wrong or am I on par??? Feedback helpful!!!
  3. Charles Pro Driver

    Best thing i could do...

    The best thing I could do was to stop driving Uber on October 25, 2015 just got my 1099. I made $5197.60 and drove 3204 mi. in September and October but racked up 9364 mi in two months. Uber is a total joke I recruited 22 drivers and only 2 drove the 20 rides. I signed up 65 Uber rides and was...