cut prices

  1. Russ Reed

    Let's talk earning boosts and Uber's Cut

    Hey lads and lassies. I miss the incentives over the earnings boosts. You can capatilize at bit more. With that said: I notices that with your earning boosts and Uber's cut, it ACTUALLY wipes OUT your earnings, is my math wrong or am I on par??? Feedback helpful!!!
  2. Jerry77

    Cincinnati uber driver new uber cut our fares 80 cents mile? Wtf

    As a new driver in. Cincinnati I leave my uber app on and it freezes like almost all the time. One time a riders app and. Mine locked up and we couldn't get it to reboot. Uber said it was my fault… lost money on this then lets see short runs 3.00 maybe 2.00 and this new qualification for $20 for...