1. T

    Lower boost and higher delivery rates in Minneapolis = UberEats orders not being picked up.

    I work at a restaurant and I do deliveries for several delivery services. The first thing that happened is that Uber cut the delivery pay for the drivers. The more experienced Uber drivers just stopped working UberEats. Uber does not know this but the best UberEats driver also work for every...
  2. The Angels

    Reasons you've given 'Thumbs Down'

    I just started doing UberEats last week and I'm neutral on it. Main reason I do it is because you can rack up trips towards quests/bonuses faster doing it... Out of the 20 or so deliveries I've done, I've given 3 "thumbs down." Which reasons have you given either the business or the customer...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Uber just emailed former riders to tell them, 'We have fallen short' Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images Uber wants former customers to know it's aware it let them down - and that it's trying to improve. In an email sent to riders in New York City on Friday, the new-age taxi company...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Uber Accused Of Operating Three Invasive Spy Programs On Riders Uber, the ride-sharing startup turned tech conglomerate, has been accused of creating and operating three invasive spy programs in recent months and years, indicating the lengths the company will...
  5. Z

    Waiting for UberExec upgrade from UberX

    Hello, I have been driving for Uber for a year now in London, I recently purchased a E class. My rating is above averege also I drive a car which is supposed to be an executive vehicle. With these in considerstion i should be upgraded pretty soon? But i know thats not the case. I have been in...
  6. wadall

    How Uber can fix the unfair rating system.

    Have it so that customers with low ratings can only be picked up by drivers with low ratings. Getting suspended and having to pay fifty dollars because you got a 4.59 is extremely unfair only because bad customers have no consequence for being bad to drivers. Drivers don't turn away customers...
  7. R

    University Survey on Transit Integration

    Hey everyone! Tired of waiting for passengers at the train station? Below is a university survey about integrating transit information with the Uber app. Your input would be greatly appreciated!
  8. M

    Any suggestions for my last week

    I'm moving on. After 8 years in this business - owning a town car, driving a Discount Cab and finally lowering myself to driving for Uber I'm out. Next Monday I start my new sales job and will never come back to this. My rating is a pretty solid 4.83 as of today so I have a little wiggle room...