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customer service

  1. AHFAM8416

    Customer Service Phone Number??

    Does anyone have the Uber Eats Customer Service phone number for a support team that does more than read from an infuriatingly stupid and unhelpful script before doing nothing to help?? Please, anything would be much appreciated, these people are going to drive me straighten to the looney bin...
  2. T

    Lower boost and higher delivery rates in Minneapolis = UberEats orders not being picked up.

    I work at a restaurant and I do deliveries for several delivery services. The first thing that happened is that Uber cut the delivery pay for the drivers. The more experienced Uber drivers just stopped working UberEats. Uber does not know this but the best UberEats driver also work for every...
  3. A

    7 customer service lessons from the best Uber driver ever

    Can we all discuss what’s wrong with this ant? https://www.fastcompany.com/90178599/7-customer-service-lessons-from-the-best-uber-driver-ever This Toronto Uber driver has maintained a 4.99 rating after driving nearly 5,000 passengers. When I climbed into his car, I found out why. I’ve...
  4. S

    Why is the advance support team NOT the ones taking the calls

    I UTTERLY LOATHE Uber driver support. It's a joke. They can't affect any change and your left with the same schtick " I am forwarding this to my advance support team..72 hours"...Why am I not talking to the advance support team? At least Lyft has a team that can make changes. It's just...
  5. N

    Being a better driver

    Hey Uber drivers in LA/OC I was just curious what are some things you guys do to be better Uber drivers? I do the basic things like offer people water, gum, cigarettes (if they are of age) but is there anything else I could do? I get my car washed pretty regularly trying to keep it smelling...
  6. LoveTheBlues

    What's your preferred pronoun?

    While some may say this borders on troll's turf (and perhaps it does), this conversation may be coming soon to a ride share car near you! From Crain's Chicago Business: Pronouns are a big thing at Center on Halsted, a community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people in the...
  7. Kurt Halfyard

    EV on Lyft Premier

    So, I put in a request via customer service to get my 2017 Volt put into the Lyft Premier category (I guess in the parlance of this forum as a QuackSELECT). We will see how this goes, here was the initial response, which came in about 3 days after I sent it (a bad sign): "We apologize if it...
  8. Certain Judgment

    Lyft CSR Threats?

    So I had my finger on the face of my phone because I was fumbling through web pages on Google Chrome with Uber and Lyft online. While I was doing that, Lyft, which has no time delay on the app pop up, sends me a ride request that I would have rejected otherwise and forces me to accept, because I...
  9. Adjuster Mike

    Tipping - Atlanta

    I just read a lot of the posts with regards to tipping. Here are my thoughts on this. No need for abuse. This is just my opinion and I'm old enough and smart enough to understand that not all will share my opinions. I will never understand, having been in the transportation business for many...
  10. N

    Driver account disabled

    I am an Uber Driver I hardly take Uber’s anywhere . The one night I took an Uber I had the worst Uber ever . Because of this I got my driver account disabled and an investigation pending. This is my statement to Uber . I called an Uber Driver at around 2am to go home from canal st in new...
  11. Vishnu643

    Nice to a pax, get a free phone

    So I know how you people hate your pax, Uber sucks, and all that jazz; but it works for me. I met the only American PR for a popular phone company called Huawei. She was really nice and we were talking about her company and how it is being a white female in a central Chinese company. She also...
  12. Woobangers1

    Customer Service SUCKS

    i picked up a passenger at the airport and began my ride to customers house. Midway through the ride it canceled. I continued driving the customer to her destination and we both agreed to reach out to customer service to resolve the matter. I still have not received full credit for the ride...
  13. Bigzee

    How Uber solve the false claim !

    I picked up three lady from Convention Center to The Atlas House at 1354 Megazine St. It was almost a mile long trip tooked 4 and half minute to get there. Uber emailed me that the fare was adjusted to zero from three dollars because the trip was not taken/was not completed. How could it...
  14. Demetrious M Latham

    Cancellation fees

    Last night i had a pickup downtown drop off was also downtown a 6 min ride my next ride in the que was 1min away i go to destination no one was there waited 6mins total and called twice so i cancelled the trip as i was already getting paid for wait time come to find out i wasnt given the...
  15. Kawiz03

    Just picked up Uber CS' finest

    Ha couldnt believe it whos sending the auto reply emails???
  16. Anonymously

    Uber has the WORST customer service EVER

    WHY DOES IT TAKE 800 emails to get an actual response that's not copy and paste!??!!! If I have an issue what I've started doing Is copying my concern and I paste it in the support contact form and just submit it every 30 minutes until somebody actually responds with a non generic solution and...
  17. Uber Doobie

    Any advise on how to get the Uber office team to read the msgs we send them

    Maybe we should be able to give them a 1 to 5 star rating on the help they give us & terminate anybody that doesn't provide acceptable service
  18. Rahlo

    Lyft is offer FREE WEEKLY RENTALS with 70+ Trips. So Why Do I Drive For Uber? Here's Why...

    Uber is not of offering free rentals for +70 trips. So why do I drive for Uber? The customer service! It's the "Year of the Driver" at Uber and that makes it hard for me switch to Lyft. However, I would consider Lyft if they had a program where I make 2 pick ups and only get paid for one trip...
  19. Alkimist

    Cancellation fee not applied?

    Okay, so a pax requested a ride, and they cancelled after im nearby. I drove from 3467 campus irvine dr going to w coastal peak newport beach which is like 10 mins of driving now the s2pid service rep said that this trip is not eligible for cancellation fee. What do you guys think? Her'es some...
  20. RedoBeach

    "Uber Math" Explained by CSR

    These people are OUT of their minds