customer satisfaction

  1. Currymuncher99

    Is customer satisfaction important (ubereats)?

    Hello my satisfaction rating is at 75% and says its at the risk. What does this mean? How far m i feom having driver account disabled? M very worried plz help
  2. S

    "Extras" For LUX Rides

    i was wondering if I should offer any "extras" to my LUX passengers. I don't do anything special for my standard Lyft and Premier riders, aside from making charging ports available. But LUX passengers aren't paying for a ride as much as they're paying for an experience. I allow them to use...
  3. B-kool

    Anyone ever do this?

    If you see that the pax experience suddenly takes a weird spin for the worst, and you know you will be rated down because you see that look in their eye, you simply have them cancel the trip? I have only done this one time, but my thought process was, this is a 14+ in my pocket, but what is...