customer ratings

  1. T

    London evil Uber customers 2018!

    Why London customers are so evil? I just don't get it.... For the last month I was reported nearly every single week for "driving" the most frequent report this month. According to Uber support "speeding" but the problem is I do no speed up at all (20/30/40/50/60/70). Keep scratching my...
  2. Z

    How to prevent bad rating from bad customer?

    Yesterday I had a very bad customer. I am not going to say what she did here. At the end of the trip, I needed to rate her. I wanted to give her one star, but I was afraid that she saw her new rating in her app and gave me a one star back So I gave her five stars. What I can do to prevent...
  3. GruveRecords

    Giving Customers The Finger

    Does anyone here actually believe that a thumbs down for a customer has any real purpose? I've tested this on my wife's account as I was curious. UberEat transactions do not reflect on a customer's ratings under trip history. So, what is the purpose of the thumb?
  4. SelectFlorida

    Cell phone charger

    As an Uber driver, I wanted something that customers could use in the vehicle to charge their phones without being able to take my cord. I am designing a cell phone charger that could plug into the cigarette lighter in the console or dash, hang on the back seat, have a card holder in it, and...