customer experience

  1. A

    Thinking of renting to drive? Don't use Maven Gig!

    Thought I would put in my two cents about Maven Gig Australia as I have had a pretty disappointing experience with them in the last six months. In the beginning I thought they were pretty good, simple, easy to use, staff were helpful. Actually I signed up because of their primary Sydney rep...
  2. T

    London evil Uber customers 2018!

    Why London customers are so evil? I just don't get it.... For the last month I was reported nearly every single week for "driving" the most frequent report this month. According to Uber support "speeding" but the problem is I do no speed up at all (20/30/40/50/60/70). Keep scratching my...
  3. TheRoad-fredandethel

    Former Uber/Lyft Driver

    Hi, I'm a recovering ride-share driver living in San Diego. I have an abundance of stories - as I'm sure you ALL do! Care to share? I look forward to getting to know this place!
  4. N

    Punished for short trips

    Hi All, A little rant here - I use uber to get to work every morning. The trip is rather short - 10 min at most and I have to get a car because there is no pedestrian access - so it's not safe to walk. I have been doing this for almost a year. At first I noticed (when I checked only, about...
  5. JerseyBoy911

    My Uber Rides as a Rider

    Decided to get the pulse of Uber drivers outside of this forum and facebook pages and to promote the protest... So i took my own money and did my daily day but with Ubers, Gym, Mall, supermarket etc Here is what I've come up with after 6 rides (In a couple of days): UBER DRIVERS ARE CLUELESS...
  6. Lost In Translation

    Official from Uber: You see RED on map but passenger doesn't see surge price.

    Uber has confirmed in writing that they are micro managing surge down to the individual block or rider. That means while you may see a large red surge area from a Macro viewpoint, Uber determines that supply equals demand inside a smaller micro area (down to the block or even the individual...