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  1. NRK

    Opinion on driving with personal friend in front seat?

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to driving. I am a young woman driving downtown Milwaukee. Milwaukee's crime rate has been increasing drastically within the past couple of years. Shootings nearly every week, robberies, carjackings and more. What are your opinions on drivers having someone ride...
  2. Joebreezy77

    Don't do commuter!!!

    Commuter kills your current account. There is no way to revert. You have to do the background check and uplaod all the documents again. I can't drive at all because of the BS. Worst of all I haven't recieved ONE SINGLE commuter request to outer from work. Don't do it!!!
  3. RightTurnClyde

    Opinion- Pax Seating; Women in front, Guy in back

    Just fishing for opinions on something I've always wondered about and never asked a pax directly. I drive nights, and often when I've picked up a "man & women" or even "man/women group of 4", the women will take the front seat. I've even had many times where a couple/married do this. I've often...