1. DrinkSoda

    Cubs playoff demand

    A way demand can stay high and for bar tip surge to exist is hope the cubs win and play past tonight. It might be one of the few ways left to still make a little coin. I’m not a cubs fan but I’m a fan of any entity that can create elevated ride demand. Going into Wrigleyville won’t be ideal but...
  2. DrinkSoda

    If Brady One is reading better get on the road

    Sure a lot of this will go away when the $2 promotion kicks in at 5 PM but all of a sudden it’s too warm for people to walk?
  3. DrinkSoda


    While this driver was out and painting the town red (or your favorite color as I’d like to say), requesting XL or plus rides from bar to bar, I saw this gem last night. Or this morning. Some people really do take their ride share business seriously. Along with their love of sports teams...
  4. Prius13

    Rabid Bears & Cubbies fans plus Uber Drivers

    So what do you when both your fave teams play. Sit in front of Tele or Buffalo Wild Wings' large tv screens not keep the wheels rolling ie no income?
  5. pizza guy

    Cubs double header?

    Better tell the players or nobody will be there for the afternoon game.
  6. T

    Excited about World Series home games! I wonder how much I'm gonna make driving for Lyft.

    Games 3,4,5 coming to Chicago this weekend plus Halloween. Got me wondering , Whats the most money in 1 day have you ever made driving for Uber or Lyft. Any Surge Predictions?
  7. UberedOutInHouston

    Chicago drivers here in Houston

    Hey guys, I'm just curious how many Cubs fans are out there. I hear from a lot of passengers that I'm not the only former Chicagoan driving out here. I hear a lot of great things about you!