ctp insurance

  1. inderbrar

    Question about CTP

    I will be driving part time for uber from next month onwards so I took comprehensive ride share insurance, do I need to get rideshare CTP as well. Do I also need to change my vehicle usage in Rego, presently its Private. Thanks
  2. Sujay

    CTP while applying for Uber??

    Hi All, I am in the process for applying as Uber driver. I have uploaded my passport and drivers licence photos, now they want a licence as well. Anyway I rang up my private car insurer, and advised me they do not cover Uber drivers. So that means I either purchase Rideshare Insurance or Rent a...
  3. S


    Hi Guys, I am new uber driver (part time) and I have my car registered as private. I already have comprehensive NRMA insurance with ride sharing. I read on Blog that I need to upgrade my CTP. What is process for it? I am in Sydney.
  4. Jack Malarkey

    CTP insurance in ACT topic of first citizens’ jury

    http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/compulsory-third-party-insurance-topic-of-first-citizen-jury-20170822-gy1cjb.html First three paragraphs: ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr says the territory government will honour the verdict of 50 citizen jurors, who will be tasked with weighing up...
  5. C

    CTP Insurance Question QLD

    Hi I'm new to this and just have a quick question about personal liability insurance with the update to Uber's Service Agreement under Damage or Injury Claim "You shall be liable to the client for all claims of damage and/or injury to any client sustained while being transported by you". Just...