1. Unleaded

    Converting Uber Transactions to CSV Format

    Is there an Easy to Follow, plain English instruction tutorial on converting Uber Rideshare transactions to CSV format for importing or exporting the data into an Excel spreadsheet or other record keeping program?
  2. Stop it now

    Request for sample csv file

    I am curious to see if the csv file in the USA (or elsewhere) is the same layout as the csv file that Uber Australia emails us every week. If someone has a few minutes I would appreciate a copy showing the headings and just a few lines of data is ok. Of course you would xxxxxxx out the personal...
  3. 2016JettaTSi

    Export driver data from app to spreadsheets

    UberPeople... I'm having zero luck finding a program or app that easily accesses my app data (including individual trip data, miles, rates... etc) that I can use to determine the "real income". Any suggestions? I am now manually transferring all my data to anot excel spreadsheet. Thanks!
  4. Zak92

    Lyft giving out Amazon gift cards for CSV Pay summaries in SF Bay Area

    Got this from Lyft today. SF bay area drivers only apparently. Has to be in CSV format, though. I figured I'd pass it along to my fellow SF drivers. :) goo.gl/L4yI43 Earn up to $100 in Amazon gift cards Are you an Uber driver in San Francisco and have given rides from August to November 2016...