csr trolls

  1. New2This

    Lyft's version of Rohit

    So I get a 100% PT request when I'm in Arlington near 395 and Glebe. I accept and it's for Seminary Towers, the complex at 395 and Seminary Road. Guy and his wife get in, start trip and they're going to the goddamn TGIFridays 0.9 miles away. Dude was a tool in the 5 minute ride. Not a hello...
  2. d0n

    If you are opted out of pools, do not have Uber CSR give advice on how to fix it.

    So I message them about still getting occasional uberpool requests (yeah, even 3-4 a week annoy me, the letters make me want to puke) and ask them to fix it, they confirm I am opted out and proceed to tell me to uninstall the app and re-install it, I do just that and holy shit! I start getting...