1. Milkn808s

    Hot Spots

    Hi everyone, I wanted to make a post about making money and what has really worked for me. So I am literally going to post to the world one of my best insights; something I like to call areas of high concentration and high frequency. I’m sure there are other posts related to this but this one...
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Uber is BAD for EVERYTHING (except cheap rides, and peanuts earning) - But OCEAN CRUISES are way worse

    From Environmental Pollution and Climate Change to Labour Laws (overworking and underpaying employees)...Oh My, Cruising is awful. Some excerpts: “I think the cruise industry, as it is today, is the epitome of capitalism run...
  3. WestSydGuy

    Honda to invest $2.75 billion in GM's self-driving car unit Wow, "In January, GM filed a petition seeking U.S. government approval for a fully self-driving car - one without a steering wheel, brake pedal or accelerator pedal - to...
  4. tomatopaste

    As Uber and Tesla struggle with driverless cars, Waymo moves forward When people use stories about Tesla, Uber, or Ford to argue that self-driving cars are still many years away, they ignore the fact that Google—now Waymo—has been working on this problem...
  5. tomatopaste

    Self-driving car start-up Aurora secures new round of funding

    Aurora is going to be a player. I can even see them winning in the end. I see the top 3 as: 1. Waymo 2. GM/Cruise 3. Aurora Chris Urmson is the brains behind both Waymo and Aurora.
  6. tomatopaste

    GM's Cruise will test self-driving cars in New York in 2018 How long til Lower Manhattan is self driving taxis only? My guess is two years. Self driving taxis only, except for delivery trucks.
  7. tomatopaste

    GM and Cruise announce first mass-production self-driving car

    “Today, we’re announcing the first production design of a self-driving car that can be built at massive scale,” Vogt said. “And more importantly, these vehicles can operate without a driver.” That means they have all the components in place, that “when the software’s ready,” Vogt added, they...
  8. S

    Whats the top speed you guys did with a pax?

    How fast do you guys drive on the highway with no cops around on a 40km trip or more? Or lets say, your top speed. Did anyone go over 200? Be honest.
  9. tipster98122

    For you XL drivers at the Pier 91 cruise ship terminal...

    All of us X and XL drivers have a very good thing at the Pier 91 cruise ship terminal. Neither of us has to wait in a queue, like the taxis currently do, to drive up the pickup zones. And neither of us has to wait in a staging lot like at the airport. We can just zoom in to the pickup zone...
  10. A

    Worst Uber Driver in Jacksonville, FL.

    The name of this driver is Linda, and she drives a Grey Honda CR-V. Linda was pretty nice UNTIL this happened: I took a trip to Jacksonville, along with a friend for a short cruise to the Caribbean. I gave the exact address of pickup (JAX Airport) to drop off location (Cruise port) in the Uber...
  11. fussen

    Advice from LA Uber Experts please

    Hi! Would you advise your mid-70's parents to use Uber on a Sunday morning (around 930am) to go from the cruise ship port (2350 S Miner Street, San Pedro, CA) to the Getty Villa? And then in the evening, back again from Santa Monica to the cruise ship terminal? Are response times likely...