1. W

    Picked up a Weirdo

    ... And she made it on the news Thursday night! I will never forget her face, she just rambled my ear off. There was just something off about her. I wanted to see if I could find the BBC clip on Google, but...
  2. S

    Criminal Background Check Can’t upload

    Dear All, I’m very new to be Uber member, Please kindly advise why I can’t upload my Criminal Background Check? Even in App or Website (Unable to click for upload). Is it have other way to upload? Or need to attend online Crimina Background Check? Thank in advent !
  3. Frank Underwood

    Breaking News: New TLC Commissioner!

    We all know that the current TLC commissioner is a moron and absolutely worthless (she should be investigated for criminal malfeasance). That being said: I've heard talk that after the untimely demise of four drivers under her watch she will be stepping down within the next two weeks. The...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Uber is now facing at least five criminal probes by U.S. authorities Previously it was known that Uber was facing three criminal probes in the U.S., Bloombergreports. The probes are exploring the company’s use of potentially illicit software and bribing...
  5. Frank Underwood

    Kalanick is a criminal

    Thank God for President Donald J Trump! Hopefully he seriously tightens immigration so that there are less available Uber/Lyft drivers. Basic Economics my friends. The less supply of a good leads to higher demand (higher prices). #MAGA Uber is a criminal enterprise that bribes politicians to...
  6. S

    Guy took off his pants in my car last night

    *Note to mod who deleted this (duplicate) thread. Please delete the other one, I want to move it to this forum.* Appx. 2:00 am a guy and a girl got in my car. They were patronizing from the start. About 3 minutes f/ the destination/apartment I could hear the guy (who is sitting behind me)...
  7. S

    Guy tooks his pants off in my car last night

    appx. 2:00 am a guy and a girl got in my car. They were patronizing from the start. About 3 minutes f/ the destination/apartment I could hear the guy (who is sitting behind me) unbuckling his belt, knees hitting the back of my seat, and he took off his pants and was trying to make out with the...
  8. financeguy13

    Surprise Uber! Another criminal investigation

    Judge Alsup referred the Uber trade secret theft case to a US District Attorney for a possible criminal investigation. It's not clear which DA, if any, will pursue a criminal investigation. I imagine if that happens then all the records that Uber is withholding in the Waymo vs Uber case will be...
  9. HiDuuken

    Reuters reports potential criminal investigation of Uber
  10. C

    Kalanick got caught tricking Apple, risking expulsion from Apple Store

    Uber's Kalanick got caught for tricking Apple, risking expulsion from Apple Store reminder, read the 500+ reader comments in NYT...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Houston mayor: 50 percent of Uber driver applicants have criminal record
  12. dirtylee

    Rider app saves License plates

    Why can riders be able to look up the license plates of every driver they have ridden/requested??? This is beyond ridiculous given the fact some pax are creeps & criminals.
  13. Craig M

    Criminal Speeding

    Hey guys- So I have been doing Uber for about a year and I just recently applied to do Lyft but got denied because of my driving record. Does anyone know if a criminal speeding ticket can be expunged in the state of Arizona? I know in some states this can be done. Thanks in advance! -Craig
  14. UberTaxPro

    Police: Uber driver used rider’s credit card to buy ( a banned word that starts with a V )
  15. UberTaxPro

    Uber helps in prosecuting driver
  16. M

    Criminal Record

    I have a criminal record in the U.S, but not in the country in which I currently reside, and am a citizen of. Would I be able to drive in this country, or would my criminal background in the U.S. prohibit me from having anything to do with uber anywhere? If I am prohibited, are there any ways...
  17. Vegas E

    Crazies Drive Taxi's, Criminals Drive Limos

    I heard this saying when I first started driving Taxi here in Vegas years ago. Now that I have driven limos, taxi and Uber I realize how true that saying is here in Vegas. Just got off the phone with one of my Taxi driver buddies I drove with for years. Got fired because he forgot he was driving...
  18. SafeT

    UberFelon: Career Criminal Uber Driver Pulls Gun on Orlando Passenger

    March 10, 2016 2:03 pm An Uber driver in Orlando was accused of pulling a gun on a passenger, according to police reports and complaints filed with Uber by the Uber passenger two days ago. Equally alarming is the fact that the Uber driver also has a lengthy arrest record, including serving 30...