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  1. Uguy22

    How creepy some riders can be

    2 weeks ago on a Saturday night around 11:30 pm I picked up a rider at a bar on Lincoln in L.P. The guy is in his 30 ‘s and asked to sit in the front seat. I did not like it but said OK. The guy is pretty chatty and a topic came up on historical events on WWII. Then I got a bing to pick up a...
  2. Halfmybrain

    Creepy Waveland scarecrow

    728 W Waveland (or adjacent--on north side of street). Pulled up, looked for rider. What's that there? On the 2nd floor porch-patio, dimly lit, a silhouette. What's that--a person standing still? I watched, realizing it must be a mannequin but I could probably imagine that I would "see" it move...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver charged with taping sex with passenger

    Gerald William Smelson, 72, is charged with felony secret peeping http://www.starnewsonline.com/news/20180308/wilmington-uber-driver-charged-with-taping-sex-with-passenger NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- A Wilmington Uber driver has been charged with peeping after allegedly videotaping himself having...
  4. newbiewpb

    based on some of the "locker room talk" i would not want to ride with some here

    here is something to consider maybe clean it up when your talking on here some of the conversations are only "funny" to men. i am creeped out by some of the *"'+ you guys write .and i get alot of pax who describe some uber drivers as "sketchy" and or "creepy". thats all now please go back...
  5. CStarzzSelect

    Creepy Night Before New Years

    So I was still new to Uber at this time, I was like 3 weeks old, lol. Picked up a guy from Cape Coral, FL, verified the name, guy says "nick" (in a deep rugged voice). Please keep in mind it was like 11:00 at night, he was wearing a hoodie that covered his face, and he did not say a word through...
  6. Petrabrynn

    Creepy Rider

    I had a guy offer me an extra 50$ if I allowed him to give me a foot massage. I said no that I had other riders waiting. Talked about his foot fetish the whole 20 minute trip. I was really creeped out and he could tell. His last statement was I'll be getting off on your feet tonight. Wth is...
  7. G

    Your last trip...ever.

    Saw this on reddit /r/funny .. lol