1. DollarFree

    Which of you crazy ants?

    Ok, which of you crazy ants is this? Car covered in residential security cameras, rubber bumpers and windows plastered with Warning stickers. Not to mention the strips of LED lights along the sides. Is this you @SanFranant !
  2. ZenUber

    Today's winning Pax 7/4/19

    Get an X ping for a guy named Sean. I pull over for the pickup, and I see him coming across the street carrying what looks like an open ceramic bowl of food. I quickly lock the doors, and open the window. He came across the street almost jogging, and seemed to be in a hurry. [I have transcribed...
  3. ZenUber

    I don't know what to call this. Crazy guy in street?

    This is Philly. Don't know what to make of it. Don't know if I need a gun or a sense of humor. I was a captive audience. Cars lined up behind me. Everybody watched. Nobody beeped. I guess it's OK to post this, since the guy wasn't a pax. Crazy Guy
  4. johnydynamic

    The “I ain’t no dude, man” man

    My strangest passenger: I drive overnight weekends in the SF Bay Area. One night it was about 3AM when I pick this guy up. He seemed like a tweaker, but I get my share of those. I don’t remember the conversation but I began to realize that this guy was taking me out into the farmlands. At this...
  5. LAboy

    Uber Taxi on Motorcycle

    Recently i have been receiving pings to pick up people instead of food haha They must have made a mistake in the system, i do UberEats. So i said why not give it a go, one dude agreed to take a ride on my back seat haha without a helmet, funny thing i got paid for that. I wish i can do this...
  6. nick caronn

    I got BIT!...After 4 Years of Uber I have A LOT of crazy stories... Time for my tell all! :)

    This is the first of many in a series to share some of my Uber experience. Its been a wild 4 years, I hope you all enjoy, thanks!
  7. BurgerTiime

    Why one Uber driver loves picking up puking passengers
  8. AZWheeler

    Look at my fancy gun

    First night driving, three hours in, I get a ping in a sketchy part of town. Dude calls me right away to let me know his location, really hyper and gruff. I get to the PIN and realize why he called, double back, call him back, and meet up with him based on verbal directions He's ordered a ride...
  9. Ishe

    Crazy Drunk Pax Blows Her Nose and Attacks Lyft Driver

    Drivers can be passive aggressive too. Just don't do it! Don't lose your cool and be as humorous as you can. It's not worth it.
  10. GTiFG


    Scheduled my Uber as per usual to get to work this morning. Told the driver what route to take. 1 main right turn, 1 main left turn. He grunted but acknowledged my request. Despite this he went in a different direction. Asked him politely why he was taking a different route. He quickly became...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver snaps after taking crap from spoiled brat an Uber driver is about to leave when two young women slide into his back seat. One of them immediately gets on his case. "You weren't at our location, Jesus Christ," she says.In reality, he was across the street because...
  12. SurgeMasterMN


    What was your craziest Uber Ride ever to date?
  13. RaleighUber

    Story: Two very different women

    First ride last night was a pick-up at a Starbucks. "J" comes running in the rain with two drinks in her hand (both with lids) and as she gets in says, "This is a hot chocolate for you. Figured you'd like something on a rainy night." Almost restored my faith in humanity. Near the end of the...
  14. TiredofFuber

    The craziest thing thats happened

    Has to be when I had a New Trier HS student & a lady read ended my car mid ride while we were STOPPED in traffic (tried to turn out from behind me) for 10 mins next to Loyola HS due to summer school. Turns out she was from the UK with No United States Drivers License. Didnt notice I was an uber...
  15. financeguy13

    Crazy drivers tonight (not Rideshare drivers)

    Be careful out there everyone! Saw so many crazy drivers on the road tonight in Dallas I lost count. Holiday weekends can be so crazy. As drivers, aren't we looking out more for the stupid drivers so much more than ourselves! Worst was a semi truck traveling southbound 75 and crossed a couple...
  16. Who35

    Crazy story

    So last night I'm working in Durham and I get a request. I'm tired and I decide to cancel and go home. This is how our conversation went? The rider "?" Me "Sorry had car trouble had to stop." The rider"bullshit" The Rider"you want some head?" Me "Huh?" The rider "i wanna suck some dick?"...
  17. mghtyred

    First really bad experience with a passenger, needed to share.

    Here's a wild story for you. I've been driving now for about three months. I've had a few salty passengers, as have all of you. It's expected, especially when driving at night and dealing with drunks. This situation however was unique. I drove a guy from West Hollywood out to the valley near...
  18. Vegas E

    Crazies Drive Taxi's, Criminals Drive Limos

    I heard this saying when I first started driving Taxi here in Vegas years ago. Now that I have driven limos, taxi and Uber I realize how true that saying is here in Vegas. Just got off the phone with one of my Taxi driver buddies I drove with for years. Got fired because he forgot he was driving...
  19. Archie8616

    Lyft Driver Refused to Drop off his Passenger...recorded on Video

    Just when I thought Lyft was in the clear, and no news articles to be found, unlike Ubers constant news grabbing articles.... Article credit: WJLA Washington, DC WASHINGTON (ABC7) — A cell phone video shows the darkened interior of a Lyft car, and the sound of a woman's voice, frustrated, and...
  20. BurgerTiime

    Poor Uber Driver gets an unwanted vehicle detailing job

    *Miami Doctor Breaks Silence: *Update Woman is Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident Doctor with Jackson Health System and has been suspended pending an investigation...