crazy dude

  1. Ryan26

    Ok i got a weird one for you guys

    Made a denny's delivery at like 330am this morning and the dude answers the door without a tshirt and a freaky pigeon mask on and doesn't say a word....I hand him the food and he starts crawling towards me...I was like nope and ran to my car..lmao what the hell man!
  2. GetShorty

    Cabbies are Crazy

    Was weighting for a PAX at the Richmond entrance to Saks and this young guy driving a cab pulls up inches from my mirror and starts screaming at me calling me various names and saying his family hates me and then right before he pulled away he said if it was night he’d kill me. I was like dude...
  3. Aruba

    She canceled I kept driving to her

    That happened on this monday,she canceled 3 times after uber matched me with her for 3 times instead of finding another uber for her.The 4th time she canceled I kept driving to her pickup location,when I saw her I rolled down the windows and asked for her name and she was like "I am sorry it was...