crashing uber app

  1. I

    [Android] app keeps crashing

    App (normal uber app, not drivers app) keeps crashing on modded Android 7 with Lenovo P2 stock software. Tried to patch the app, didn't do anything. Tried a lot of different apk's, all crashing. Don't have other crashing apps. Anyone able to help me?
  2. TerryMurphy000

    Uber Driver app crashes and reboots itself 120 feet from pick ups

    Happens every time, once I get within 120 feet of a destination (both pickups and drop offs) it crashes and reboots. Any idea as to how to overcome this?
  3. B

    Pandora crashing app

    I have a nexus 6P running the newest version of Android, and Everytime I try to listen to Pandora through the app it crashes, this is while using Bluetooth or aux. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Uber app, and it didn't work. Anyone else having this problem, or know how to fix it?
  4. UberReallySucks


    I'm Glad to hear some of you guys had some good days lately. I used to sometimes have days like those but it feels like a far and distant memory. Let me tell you about how my Saturday sucked in a major way with UBER. 8:23 AM: First fare to San Ysidro Border - Decent guy going to Mexico for the...