crappy pax

  1. 3$/hr

    Uber is taking our nation back to uncivilized world

    In a conventional taxi cab, the driver has a choice to make a deal with the rider or say no when it does not make business sense. Regular cab is 2 to 3 times as costly as uber. After that passengers usually give tips. Uber has created this culture of not tipping the driver. After 15 minutes of...
  2. Kawiz03

    Uber pass Dc

    no words just look at this BS uber is doing for September!
  3. JasonB

    Very first POO(l) request = immediate pax problems

    Others have warned of the 'dangers' of accepting UberPOOL requests in various threads throughout this forum, and from a distance, it looked like a horrible deal for drivers. Had my very first POO ride today... of course, it was completely by accident. I only realized it was a POO ping when I...