1. H

    Can drivers post ads recruiting other drivers on Craigslist?

    An experienced driver told me not to do this, but then I heard that it may be ok as long as you don't post your invite code. Any facts/advice would be appreciated--Thx.
  2. RedoBeach

    Have you all seen this? Wow!
  3. Laz Yoldlug

    Lyft has no shame. (Lyft is out Ubering Uber!!!) (Earn almost 3X more??)

    Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable.
  4. DrinkCraftBeer

    Hilarous Uber Craiglist job postings

    Anyone notice these hilariously bullshit ads on the New London craigslist? They've been aggressively posting on CL for few weeks now. Notice a sudden flood of drivers in New London county? This is why... ....a bunch of Naive fools who think they are gonna make 1000 dollars a week. Yes Uber...
  5. Laz Yoldlug

    Beware of "Curvesides" solicitations!!!

    Got a Facebook friend request yesterday. I thought it might be something related to rideshare so I investigated further. I found the email address and sent them an email asking 3 or 4 simple questions. I also asked to receive specific information as all that the Facebook profile indicated was...
  6. Laz Yoldlug

    Flag Uber Driver Recruitment ads on Craigslist (Uber Spam)

    Our "Partners" at Uber are continually posting & reposting driver recruitment ads on Craigslist. They are openly not following Craigslist's rules. They are rejecting Craigslist rules. Please see for yourself.... Go to and enter uber in the search box Uber...