1. tomatopaste

    Self-Driving Cars Can Now Pick Up Passengers in California—But Only for Free Rides

    https://gizmodo.com/self-driving-cars-can-now-pick-up-passengers-in-califor-1826480542 The authorization actually encompasses two pilot programs: one approving passengers to ride in autonomous service vehicles with a trained driver at the wheel, and another allowing passengers to ride in...
  2. DRIVER-99

    New CPUC Requirements Effective Mar 5, 2018

    Today I attempted to go on-line and I was presented with a whole set of new rules I never saw before. California Rules and Regulation Effective March 5, 2018 http://t.uber.com/CA_RULES_AND_REQUIREMENTS It says drivers must complete a safety course before using the Uber App. That's news to me...
  3. empresstabitha

    Make sure you're in compliance at SFO. They're checking.

    So, a representative from Lyft, the CPUC, and police officers are at the SFO lot today making sure people are in compliance. If you're not they're handing out tickets and I don't know what the Lyft representative is doing. Here's the fliers they're handing out. Here's the CPUC guy and the...
  4. L

    How to Participate in change

    hi guys, So in order to change uber and lyft pay scale we have to put pressure on our local elected officials. So bright and early I want you to find out who the president of your states Public Utility Commission is and give him a call. Be very polite and simply ask what steps are being taken to...
  5. ladriversteve

    Fingerprint Background Checks - CPUC

    Hi All, The CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) which regulates TNC in CA is asking for public opinion on if TNC's (Uber \ Lyft) should be required to use fingerprinting as part of their background check process. I personally am all for it, as other than the cost of it do not see why...
  6. chi1cabby

    California | CPUC says lease length for rideshare vehicles must exceed four months

  7. chi1cabby

    New California Data on Ride Services Reveal Rise in Collisions and Incidents

  8. chi1cabby

    California | Uber ordered to publicize business practices