1. Willjohnsdrive

    Area of Effect?

    So as a noob, (you may have seen me ask many questions in this forum...), I am curious what the coverage area for my notifications is. I mean how big is the radius of the area I show up in when someone is looking to book a ride? I set up camp at a place pretty much close to the center of town...
  2. marcus.laboy

    Warning: Dropped Insurance

    Been with uber for a couple years and didnt notify my insurance company. When I had an accident, I was f*%$#ing dropped.. Went into the greenlight hub for help and there was an an Allstate office right inside. They offered me collision coverage specifically for uber drivers and I don't need to...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Company “Sure” offering passengers extra insurance through app for 24hrs Ride-sharing passengers will be able to buy accident and death coverage in a smartphone app. Insuretech SURE is rolling out a new insurance product, underwritten by Chubb, that...
  4. BurgerTiime

    This is why you need extra coverage

    Full story: Uber mulling extra insurance for its drivers after Hong Kong death Ride-hailing firm in talks to cover drivers for injuries following Hong...
  5. BurgerTiime

    THE COSTLY INSURANCE GAP MANY RIDESHARE DRIVERS MISS When Jack Reipke got into an accident while logged in as a Lyft driver, he thought the company, or his own collision auto coverage, would kick in. He was wrong. MINNEAPOLIS - If you...
  6. 121adx

    Rideshare Guy says Liberty Mutual Insurance in PA -NOT

    FYI - Tried to obtain rideshare insurance thru Liberty Mutual today (July 7, 2017). Breezed thru website, no problem. Decided to call 800# just to be sure I checked the correct business purpose box. Agent informed me Liberty doesn't cover Uber or Lyft, etc. I have great credit, no...
  7. T

    $1 Million Insurance Coverage

    Long story short, I need to raise my coverage to $1,000,000 for my Suburban. My broker said that only luxury car insurance companies offer that much coverage and in order to get it I need to be associated with a luxury base. My truck is currently registered to a non-luxury black car base, not...
  8. BurgerTiime

    It doesn't matter Uber provides coverage, most insurance co. will drop you if found out you Ubering Reporter finds out what it takes to drive for Uber; brings you along for the ride. SARATOGA SPRINGS - So you say you want to Uber? If you're at least 21, you've got your own...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver’s car riddled with bullets "Insurance won't pay" Her insurance will NOT cover the damages cause she was ubering PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – An Uber driver contacted 8 On Your Side when her insurance company told her she had...
  10. InsuredCool

    TNC, TAXI, & LIMO drivers in Florida consider launching an insurance company 100% policyholder owned

    Between 2015 and 2016 its estimated Uber and Lyft drivers in Florida paid a lowball $104 million dollars in insurance premiums that covered NADA 24/7 is TNC activity was discovered. That $104 million basically paid for the insurance card you keep in your collective gloveboxes. Kinda explains...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Driver left holding the bag after accident

    Uber driver runs into insurance issues after accident: Wojciechowski was told Uber's insurance would cover the damage to the vehicle she hit, but not the damage to her own car. The...
  12. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver says hit-and-run injured passengers near VCU, cost him job "My electricity is going to be shut off. My water is going to be shut off," said Buckley.
  13. I

    Uber insurance coverage

    Not sure if anyone knows the answer to this since its really specific. But what happens if you as an Uber driver get into an accident whether it be your fault or someone else, if the person(s) get injured or even dies can they sue you and are you liable?
  14. Tommy Vercetti


    So, I notice AAA isn't mentioned much. Here is what I would like to have discussed and preferably given some decent answers pretty please. I have AAA, and it covers both of my cars. It is to my understanding that if AAA find out I do rideshare I will be dropped. However, will it drop both of my...
  15. MGuber


    Just a heads up to all ride sharers in PA. If you have Progressive insurance, cancel it now and go with Erie or Geico. Erie has much better rates and clear "three tiers" in their own Hybrid policies. Here's my story with progressive. I had a minor fender bender (off app and off line). Cost...
  16. Uruber

    Are you covered by Uber or Lyft commercial Insurance?

    In order for Uber's comercial policy to cover you it is a requirement for you to be covered by an Insurance company even if it is not going to be used, in other words you can't have no Insurance in the moment of an accident and call Uber to cover you. So what happen is that in the event of an...
  17. N

    Switch from Telstra to Optus?

    Has anyone taken up the Optus offer? How has that been going for you? I've been considering skipping out on Telstra because they're so expensive but I don't want to go through the hassle only to return because the coverage isn't good enough.
  18. H


    PLEASE post any current, and verified information regarding FLORIDA's auto insurance situation, related to "ridesharing". As of the last 24 hours (April 28th 2016), the following auto insurance companies, for auto insurance in the state of FLORIDA, regarding "RIDESHARE" endorsement, or, related...
  19. hustle and drive

    Insurance blues

    Hello, I have just completed my sign up process to become an UBER partner. However, there is one issue that is preventing me from driving. It seems that UBER's current insurance policy only covers the driver with liability insurance during the unmatched phase (phase 1), while waiting for a...
  20. thethrills

    Uber Safe Rider Fee Covers.....?

    I was curious to see what that Uber Safe Rider Fee covers. I looked at the waybill and certificate of insurance and it mentions "passengers" are covered. I remember reading that Uber will cover any person struck by an Uber driver during a trip (and on way to a pick-up). I didn't see anything...