1. tipster98122

    Thoughts on Seattle Traffic Tickets and Good Lawyers for representation.

    Having gotten a recent Traffic Infraction ticket I thought this might be a good place to share traffic court experiences and/or referrals of local traffic lawyers to help the community at large. ---------------------------------------------- IMO: A Moving Infraction is very tough to beat on...
  2. U

    Been to court because of Uber driving? Do tell!

    So folks, In the last week or so I have had interactions with 2 separate law enforcement agencies at Newark Airport and in Hoboken regarding illegal pickups. In both cases, I was informed that it was illegal to pick up passengars in those locations and big fines were headed my way. I was very...
  3. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    I have to go to Court in Hoboken and need advice on a ticket

    The uber Lawyer called me and told me to bring my license, reg, and insurance. I told him why the insurance the cops never asked me for it. She said sometimes they ask for it and wanted to be safe. I told her i started a ride and was under uber insurance james river Ins Co. She got kind of...