1. grain of salt

    Can Lyft drivers answer these questions?

    Hi, If you're a Lyft driver, may you please answer these questions below? I'm curious to see your answers about your experience driving for Lyft. If you do not feel comfortable answering some questions, you can skip them but if you can, please answer them all. Thank you very much! 1. How...
  2. Artur1992

    Do I have to pay every year for licencing

    Hi everyone, I want to become an uber driver and just asked tfl about application form they sended me. I can see all requirement and would like to ask u how often you have to pay for things? I guess most of them u have to pay just once, but it's always better to be sure. If theres something...
  3. T

    Becoming a PHV/Uber driver - the costs

    Hello all, I'm thinking about becoming an Uber driver (either by purchasing my own car or renting/leasing a Private Hire Vehicle) in London and am interested in finding out what the realistic costs of running a car will be. It would be helpful if any current or past drivers out there could...
  4. B

    Uber and Lyft drivers' median hourly wage is just $3.37, report finds

    Uber and Lyft drivers' median hourly wage is just $3.37, report finds Majority of drivers make less than minimum wage and many end up losing money, according to study published by MIT Uber and Lyft...
  5. Piace

    Total Start Up Costs

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to weigh everything up regarding start up costs to become an Uber driver. I understand the F endorsement on my driving license, but I'm really not so sure about the exact requirements and costs for my vehicle. It appears an Omnibus license (rego) is required and...
  6. That

    GST question

    Hey guys, I have noticed on the Pax Uber receipt that GST is not listed under the fare cost breakdown which tells me that GST is not passed down to the passenger but the driver is absorbing the tax cost. Is this so and if so I have never seen this before. What are your thoughts?
  7. UberDriverAU

    How Much Does It Cost To Start Driving?

    Back by popular demand ... RIP the previous version. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO START LEGALLY DRIVING FOR UBER? Disclaimer: Costs are correct at time of posting, it is your responsibility to confirm that they're still current and that there is nothing extra. Setup Costs Medical: ~$100.00 (*...
  8. NCJacobT

    Need a SMART mathematician: Weekly paycheck, how much do I REALLY keep?

    Been driving about a month or so now, doing this part-time as I go to school. I see a lot of talk about taxes, gas, and depreciation. I drive about 2500 miles a month now if I work about 20 hrs/wk (according to MileIQ), half of it on electric (free), so that alone saves around $30/week. This...
  9. bobper

    Des Moines deactivations.

    Uber has a driver problem. They have lowered the rates so low that experienced drivers have drastically reduced their driving. We have also put limits to how far we are willing to travel for FREE to pick up a passenger. So like an immature teenager (Uber) has started to deactivate drivers who...
  10. I

    NJ Insurance Options

    If you had the option to buy a commercial excess policy that would fill the gap on your personal auto policy, would you be interested? How much would you be willing to pay for gap insurance? Would you be interested in a full commercial taxi or limo policy instead?
  11. I

    Insurance Cost

    How much are the personal lines policies charging extra for the ridesharing endorsement?
  12. RamzFanz

    False Uber Costs Skew Profit

    I read a lot on here about costs per mile etc. They make a good case against Uber and I'm not debating whether it's profitable or not in general, but YOUR results should not rely on THEIR numbers without understanding them. Cost per mile includes the purchase, use, and upkeep of an average...