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cost per mile driving for uber


    How I lost $300 working 48 hours for UBER

    Seriously people. We're all getting *ucked here. I'm uploading my findings after experimenting as an UBER driver for one week. I accepted EVERY request and provided TOP service. The results were disheartening to say the least. I assert nobody is making money in ANY semi-rural market. I’ve...
  2. Golden dog

    57 1/2¢ cost vs. ~41¢ profit

    The IRS sez it cost 57 1/2¢ per mile driven, at the current San Diego Uber rate you'll only make ~41¢ for EVERY mile you drive from the start of your shift until the end of your shift. You are losing ~16 1/2¢ for every mile you drive, whether or not you have a passanger. I've been an Uberx...