1. V

    UBER now deporting illegal drivers/ drivers driving on others' SSNs

    Hello all, This is a true story that occurred with an acquaintance (Uber drive) in Fremont, CA. During one of his regular day time rides, a passenger requested him for his ID. Now, the ID did not match the account holder. The driver was driving on someone else's account. Subsequently, the cops...
  2. Working4peanuts

    I got a ticket today but that's not the interesting thing about what happened

    I got a ticket today. Something to do with turning. Will fight it in court thanks to my dashcam. Here's what i find extremely interesting. As I've been told to do, i immediately put both hands On the wheel and told the cop i was armed. He casually asked me where it was and i told him it was on...
  3. L

    Cop pulls out gun on GTA peeps trying to escape 3 homies jump the fence but chick gets left behind

    I was just chilling in this parking lot and suddenly the cops are taking off after this car and they end up going around in this parking lot when the car finally goes around the building and crashes into the wall 3 homies jump the wall in 1.2 seconds and the chick trys to also but she got left...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Cops tell Ice they’ve received 5 calls for drivers not matching description

    Warning, this guy has a potty mouth.
  5. kamenliter

    Got a summons for Improper Use of a cell phone!!?

    Tonight I got pulled over by cops in Bayonne, NJ. Had a rider in the backseat. Cop comes over, I give him license and reg. I ask him if I did something wrong. Says, I'll let you know...walks away, comes back a few minutes later, asks for my insurance. Then he says open back passenger window...
  6. GetShorty

    Cabbies are Crazy

    Was weighting for a PAX at the Richmond entrance to Saks and this young guy driving a cab pulls up inches from my mirror and starts screaming at me calling me various names and saying his family hates me and then right before he pulled away he said if it was night he’d kill me. I was like dude...
  7. T

    Hardrock stadium in South Florida

    Hey guys, I've looked around but can't find any info. So I know Uber has a pick up/drop off spot but what about Lyft? Do we just cruise in and pick up? Problems with cops/security? Any info would be great. Thanks!
  8. UberPotomac

    Mont co Sobriety Point

    Christmas around the corner, expect to be pull over or check point for alcohol. All 355 from Bradley in Bethesda to 495. All 355 in Rockville up to Mont College.
  9. TimyTim

    Are Cops Posing as Uber Drivers Now? Are Cops Posing as Uber Drivers Now? ALLIE CONTI Jul 28 2017 Over the course of its brief and spectacular existence, Uber has often been at odds with what its recently ousted founder, Travis Kalanick...
  10. Griggs

    Cop Activity out at Ohare TNP lot!!!

    Anyone have any idea what happened Monday night - Tuesday morning? I got out to O'hare at 12:15 a.m. on Tuesday and there must of been 10 cop cars in the lot, a paddy wagon, another 20 more ride share cars and the entire lot was roped off. All of us drivers that showed up had to turn around...
  11. Maven

    Who Gets the Ticket?

    If two cars pass a cop at the same time, one traveling at 100mph and the other at 120mph, which one does the cop try to pull over? _________ Gordon Miller, works at G3i Ventures Assuming the cop is standing still and considering the departmental policy concerning pursuits over 100 mph, the...
  12. Maven

    Cops tell an Uber driver he can't film them

    Friday, March 10 2017, The Washington Post and many other media outlets One of the first things Jesse Bright did after being pulled over by police on a recent Sunday afternoon was turn on his phone and begin filming. Bright was driving for Uber to make some extra cash, but he works full-time...
  13. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver featured on "COPS" on probation and busted with vehicle filled narcotics

    Police ask her "who's keys are these?" Her response: "Hmm, I don't have no car" Police take the found keys to parking lot where they hit lock/unlock button revealing car location. Search of vehicle revealed she's the owner along with separate baggies of drugs Along with blue pills, nice...
  14. Canteev

    Just got a ticket

    A cop just slapped me with an obstructing-traffic ticket for dropping some people off at the corner of two streets. It wasn't my best moment, but I can't believe how rude the cop was. As I tell him that I want to pull up to somewhere safe, he tells me in a condescending voice that I might as...
  15. M

    Wannabe cop at PC tells me I can't be on campus

    Pick up some kids near PC and they wanted to be dropped off on campus, it was about 25 degrees, had to scan a card to get in, brought them to the dorm building and immediately had another fair come in. A security officer saw me and said uber couldn't be on campus, and that I could get banned...
  16. BAKAD

    Why do cops dislike Uber so much?

    In the last week I gotten yelled at by cops twice. Frist time ever for me in 10 months. Boatshow: Just as it got started at the boatshow, I pick up two riders, they were directed by another officer to go where I was picking them up. As I pulled over to pick them up a lady cop just jumped on...
  17. Al_Brklyn

    I got ran over by a tlc cab

    Hi there, I apologize for my poor English, please bear with me. I drive a tlc vehicle(uber, juno...) Last night I was in Brooklyn on Dekalb avenue with no passengers and suddenly (literally, out of nothing, no previous reasons, no road rage issue related to me) some old white lincoln tlc...
  18. Drivingthecattlehome

    Police don't like smart asses

    Have a close friend of mine who is a Policeman. He always advises me not to be a smart ass and chat back to traffic police. He states that they listen to smart asses all day and last thing they want is another smart ass. He states that if you don't argue and admit to any offence they will use...
  19. Psionyx

    Hostile police at JWA

    Has anyone else had a run-in with the local constabulary at JWA when picking up a pax? Earlier today, about 3pm, I receive a call from terminal B, column 8. No sweat. I drive down and pull over at column 8, where a man is waiting. He comes over, I check names. It turns out that he's not my...
  20. Tim L

    Weird incident

    I was doing both Uber and Lyft this morning. As I was wrapping things up I got my first Lyft ping. I arrive at a completely empty strip mall save for one State Trooper. It's 8:30 AM and every store is closed in this strip mall. I start feeling uneasy. Is the Lyft request from the Trooper? Who...